Friday, March 25, 2011

Grim and Grimmer 3 The Desperate Dwarf

It's up to Ike to save Grimmery now. This book is so funny, so well told, it makes a writer wish he had written it. When Ian Irvine sent me the first three books in his GRIM AND GRIMMER series I had NO idea of what to expect. As I read each book I fell in love with the characters and realized the gift that Ian has for storytelling. (He even autographed them for me,) These are NOT the books I will be giving away. (I ordered some for that.) How could I part with the books he sent me? 

I have to admit to a serious amount of giggling as I read the GRIM AND GRIMMER series. Lovable characters, just the right amount of the gross out factor for boys, action packed, and girls should love it too. Did I mention the gross out factor? 

Ike and Mellie blend nicely, even though at first, I wondered how these two could ever work together. They can and they do. Ike has confidence problems to say the least. Mellie does not. 'Nuff said?

Ian should write a book on characterization. At least one can study the books he's written to find out how he pulls it all together.

Con Glomryt is the definition of scoundrel. A super fun antagonist. I loved him. 

This is from the blurb on the back of the book: 

It's not easy to be a hero when your bum is the size of an airship and you're bobbing around the ceiling, mocked by a host of angry dwarves. 

Mellie has stolen the unluckiest charm in Wychwold and can't get rid of it. Pook has an insane plan to rescue the Collected children. The demons Nuckl, Spleen and Tonsil are after Ike's innards. And the Fey Queen, Emajicka, is coming to tear out his worst nightmare.
Only Ike can save Grimmery. But first he has to win a contest with a lying, cheating scoundrel - the desperate dwarf, Con Glomryt.

All young readers from 10 to 93 will love reading about Ike's adventures. There is one more book in the series due out June 2011. Grim and Grimmer 4 The Calamitous Queen. I can't wait! 

Be here Monday, March 28th to meet Ian Irvine. You'll be glad you did. There will be a chance to win the first three books in the series.


  1. I am off to Amazon right now to have a look at these! Great recommendation! :-)

  2. Great review, Robyn..I am eager to read the books and befriend the characters.

  3. Thanks for the review! Ah, the gross out factor, having raised sons I understand completely. :)

    Blessings cool friend,

  4. These sound great! I'm adding them to my to-read list right now.

  5. These sound like the sort of books that people of any age would enjoy....mind you I'm a big kid at heart anyway.
    Have a great weekend my friend :)

  6. This looks like a lot of fun. For me -- I'm a big kid at heart, too -- and for my little cousin, Angela. I think I know what her next birthday gift will be.

  7. Sounds great - thanks for the review!

  8. Awesome, thanks for posting the review!

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  9. Great review & recommendation!

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