Friday, October 28, 2011

Uh, er, yeah, I'm slack. As a matter of fact, I'm slack bad! Or bad slack! Whatever way we say it we know what it means. *sigh*

The Halloween Hop started early this morning. *double sigh*

What I wanna know is, what is your most favorite monster movie in the whole wide world?? And what is your most favorite costume in the same whole wide world. Do tell. Please.
My favorite monster movie has to be The Night of the Living Dead. I'm here to tell you that movie scared me so bad. Cool!

Now I write for children so my favorite costume? Tigger, of course. Who else?? He's not scary, but he's awesomely cool. Don'tcha think?


  1. Happy Halloween Hop, Robyn - good to *meet* you ;)
    I cannot for the life of me come up with a fantastic horror movie; guess that means it's time for a themed movie-thon, I guess!
    I can say that my favorite costume of Halloweens past was when my boyfriend dressed up as a man dressed up like a woman to snag a seat on a lifeboat off the Titanic and I went as the drowned woman who’s seat he stole. Yeah, nobody got it.

  2. I agree Tigger is :-)

    Passing through for the blog hop, cute blog-following!

    I don't have a favourite...i tend to stay away from anything scary these days lol.

    Favourite costume? A friend went as a suitcase out to a party once, it really was so ridiculous, but memorable!


  3. I don't watch monster movies, but I'm still particularly proud of the time my husband and I went to a party dressed as lobsters...we made "claws" we could slide our hands in and out of!

  4. Robyn, I don´t know much about Halloween, only that I am glad we don´t have it in Holland, LOL.

    By the way, I have given you an award on my blog. Come and check it out.

  5. You are such a social butterfly online! another fest...well, I don't know if this qualifies as monster but my favorite is The Terminator.

  6. The original version or one of the remakes?

  7. Oh, Tigger is too cute!

    I am not really into monster scary movies, but I must admit the original HALLOWEEN was one picture I will never forget.

    As for costume one Enchantress of the Dark comes to mind ELVIRA...

    Have a great weekend Robyn. I hope an pray all is well with you.

  8. Yay, not scary costumes! I'm Pinkalicious this year :)

  9. Oh my favourite monster movie would have to be Monsters Inc. I don't like anything too scary/gory ;O)

  10. Hello hoppers!!

    So glad to visit your blog! This year I will be a swachbuckling pirate and my favorite book is either Let the Right One In or The Witching Hour. I am visiting this blog from the Coffin Hop! I am #63 over there, and my blog is Hop over--you can win a NOOK! Happy Halloween! :)

    Penelope Crowe

  11. I don't have a favorite monster movie, but one that remains memorable as it gave me nightmares (when I was like 8) is The Incredible Shrinking Man.

    As for a favorite costume. I think that would be when I was Bugs Bunny and my best friend was Yosemite Sam.

  12. Movie: I'm a scaredy cat. The Monster movie is about as scary as I can take. I look down during the previews at the theater, because I cannot take the violence.
    Costume: I love a good Pooh bear.

  13. I'm not big into monster movies, so I'm not sure how to answer, and I never had good costumes as a kid.
    My son's going as clark kent today with a superman costume underneath. I thought that was pretty good.

  14. Hi Robyn, Are you not doing the Halloweensie contest? Susanna is stuck in snow with no internet, so you could still do it in a few days. Happy Halloween!

  15. Favorite monster movie = The Blob!

    Favorite costume = Hobo

    Take care and have a Wonderful Week :-)

  16. Monsters Inc. I just told Zach that we should watch it tonight. My go to costume has always been a black cat. My favorite costume from this weekend was a gal dressed as a golf bag.

  17. My favorite costume was that of a pregnant nun. Bad, I know.

    I'm here from the blog hop and thrilled to discover yours. My favorite scary book is IT (scared the crap out of me when I was a kid), movie that horrified me most was Rob Zombie's remake of Halloween, and I did not dress up this year, because I'm lame. I hope to cure this infliction next year.

    Happy Halloween!

  18. I'm pretty scared of monsters.

    How about Mars Attacks? The aliens certainly behave like monsters. I love that movie!

  19. A day late and a candy bar short! My computer was still crashed during the Halloween Hop.

    I'm such a wuss when it comes to monster movies, but I'd have to say my favorite is the Twilight movies. Haha! I can handle those! I actually loved the books, too!

    Favorite costume? How about a Nutty Professor costume? That would be fun. Tigger's a good one, too! Happy Halloween! I hope you and the kids had a great time.

  20. I, most emphatically, do NOT do scary movies! Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin anyone? :)

    Favorite costume... well, a friend of mine and her son once dressed up as Elmer and the Dragon, and they looked terrific - exactly like the cover of the book!

    Robyn - where is your Halloweensie Contest entry? Come on - I've given you extra time (totally by accident, but still :))

  21. Hmmmm, favorite scary movie? I love anything with witches in it...The Coven is awesome.

    One year I dressed up as one of the Power Puff girls. I thought it was a great costume, everyone thought I was Pippi Longstocking. (Weird people)

  22. Love Tigger's voice on the cartoons. He is one of my favorites too. Did I ever tell you that I was Woody Woodpecker for Halloween when I was little? Jillian is horrified that her mommy wasn't a princess. I guess I like sarcastic birds too much. LOL


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