Friday, February 20, 2015

YaY For Poetry Friday

My haiku is an ode to our weather this past week. :-)

Ice spills from the sky
numbing frosting bitter chill
alabaster haze

Please visit Linda Baie at Teacher Dance to read more poetry. 


  1. And there is a bitter chill this morning.

  2. Love this. So not looking forward to going to the grocery story in the bitter, bitter cold this morning.

  3. Can feel the bitter cold in this Haiku. It is in bitter cold here!.

  4. Love this one!

    It's so cold here this morning. I can't stand it! When is spring???

  5. Oooo, alabaster haze. Beautiful. But I bet you are ready, ready, ready for the thaw to begin and for spring to come dancing into your yard with flower-fill arms.

  6. Love this one, BBF! Beautiful sounds. Keep 'em coming!

  7. You have a way with word, darlin'! xo

  8. Hey pal! *waving*
    Love the haiku!
    This year, I also started writing a haiku a day to keep the creative juices active... going well thus far *fingers crossed*

  9. Beautifully done, but I wish the weather involve a lot more heat. :) Happy weekend!

  10. Great haiku but I think we have had enough ice for this year!

  11. The Siberian Express has been punishing, hasn't it?

  12. WHOA! Us too! ;)
    I like the "alabaster" line. :)


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