Tuesday, March 24, 2009

How many times a day do you agonize over choosing the right word. This happens to me at least ten times a day while working on my manuscript. But there is always that ONE, sought after word that really makes a difference. And when I find it, I know I've found it. It hits me. Slaps me on the face.

Writing isn't just about which tag to use or should I even use a tag. It's not just about voice (though that's vital), it's not only about description, and detail. Throw in picking that one word that makes such a difference in the sound and texture of your story, that you know it was meant to live in your book, and in that particular sentence. I struggled with this the other day. I spent quite some time searching for a word that would make the sentence jump off the page. I agonized until, EUREKA, I found the word I'd been searching for. And I knew the time had not been wasted because that one word made such a big difference in the tone of my story.

Am I the only one? Do you hunt out that perfect word, nod your head and smile to yourself after finding it? :)


  1. I don't agonize over words so much as sentences. I will stare at a screen, rearrange words, etc., just to get the perfect sentence, even though I've learned that if I have to work that hard for the sentence, it isn't working.

  2. You're not the only one. I definitely agonize over words, and I cheer when I find it. :) I think the right or wrong word can make or break a sentence. :)

  3. I just loved your blog entries. I found them very insightful and so well written. Your topics are also apt as I can relate to it and not feel lost.

    Coming to your query, yes, I definitely find myself agonizing over the right words and usually the right names. Suppose I have a character that I randomly name as Tina.
    I find myself agonizing over it because the name somehow does not sync with her personality, the one that I have in mind. Then relating to that name, I struggle to write too.

    Remember, the awesome book 'Little women?' All the names - Amy, Beth, Jo - are so perfect for the characters. It takes a lot of thought to make that happen. And I work very hard to get my names right otherwise it pains and stops my writing flow to a huge extent. What do you think? Any thoughts?


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