Monday, March 2, 2009

It Finally Snowed! Wahoo!!

In North Carolina we got six and a half inches of the white stuff. So writing has taken a back seat to playing in the snow! We went sledding down our big hill. But we couldn't make a snowman or throw snowballs because the snow is so powdery. Still it was fun to play in and we don't get too much of it. This was the most we've had in several years.

I've come in the house to get some work done but with all the activity going on, I doubt I'll be able to write much. I think I'll put my ear plugs in. Maybe that'll do it. Later I'll saddle a horse and take a ride. We live in the country and riding a horse in the snow will inspire anyone. The beauty is so encouraging. I hope everyone else can get some serious writing done.


  1. You ride on my behalf, and I'll write on yours. Crisscross.

  2. Oh, I bet that was SO inspiring...riding your horses through the snow...all I did was chase the dog through the snow!!!

  3. Sounds like so much fun! Living is the most important part of writing!


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