Thursday, September 17, 2009

We're alone, yet together

A writer has a lonely job. I mean we spend hours and hours alone in our offices or studios or wherever we work. But we are together. We are all working to that same goal. And it's not to be published so much as it is to create. I love making my stories come alive. Whether it's my picture books or novels. I am so thankful that I can do this. And so thankful to have all of you. I'm thankful for my family, my sons doctors, our farm, and of course, for my horses.

Tess got me to thinking as I read her post yesterday. When we sit alone in front of our computers, we can know that we're all in this together. And that we're really not doing this alone. We couldn't do it alone. We need our critique groups. We need our bloggers. We need our beta readers. See? We're not alone at all. When one of us gets an agent, or is offered a publishing deal, or gets to do a guest stint on Rachelle Gardner's blog, (you know who you are)*grin* we're thrilled for that person or persons in the case of the guest stint.

Writing can't be done alone. Someone said, "Writing a book is like building a house or birthing a child or starting a company. Okay, I guess you could do it alone. But we don't have to. Isn't that wonderful? I have learned to be a better writer, thanks to all of you. My writing family. :)


  1. What I like most about writing is that it satisfies two conflicting needs within me: a hermit by nature, I love the solitude of writing. Those times when it's just me and my imagination.

    But, as humans are generally social animals, there are also times when I need to reach out and connect with people who have the same goals and dreams and interests as I do. And that's where the blogosphere and the internet come in. They allow me to connect, if only for a moment or two, with other souls who - like me - are on this lonely journey called the writing life.

  2. This is so true! It's my writing group and blogging community that inspires me to push forward.

  3. ANN: I too love the aloneness that writing brings. But to know that I am not really alone, that you and hundreds more are right there with me. That gives me a boost. Especially when things aren't going so well in my writing. To know that my writing buddies have faced the same issues at one time or another. It gives me a peace:)

    Megan: Exactly! That push is what we all need. :)

  4. We're never alone because our minds are filled with the wonderful characters who come to life in the pages of our manuscripts.

    We're never alone . . . because the blogsphere is full of apsiring writers detailing their crazy writing adventures.

    We seek isolation, breaks from the real world, so we can immerse ourselves in the daunting depths of our over-active imaginations.

    We seek isolation so that the worlds and characters within our minds can burst forth in amazing brilliance with rapid keystrokes, or slow, methodical pecking, or in a flurry of action between brain + hand + pen + paper, or in so many other ways.

    We seek the camaraderie of our fellow bloggers for affirmation that we're not nuts.

    We seek the cmaraderie of our fellow bloggers so that we can understand that there are other people out 'there', struggling the same struggles, fighting the same fight, doubting their own abilities, and still writing, writing, writing, day after day with the hope of one day seeing our books on the main display table in Borders . . . or some other bookstore.

    So, no, we're not alone. We're a crazy community of imaginative people who can turn a simple idea into a gem of brilliance so stunning that people will bow down before us, shout our names out in the streets and . . .ooops, wait, that was a character in one of my books . . . hate it when that happens!

    Great post, my friend.


  5. Very true. It's like that High School Musical song, "We're all in this together". :)

  6. I have learned so much from writing groups, critique partners, blogging buds, etc. There's no way I would've progressed as far as I have in my writing without all you wonderful people. Support really is an amazing thing.

    Thank you, Robyn.

  7. Scott:I love it when you get to going on like that. :) Yes! Shout out our names and say, "You're that wonderfully, fantastic writer that the entire world is talking about!" Okay, I'm back down to earth now! But it is so solitary and also with companionship. The two meet every day in the lives of writers. :)

    Jennifer: That could be our theme song. I have it memorized since there is a girl in this house that has watched the movies and listened to the music, day in and day out! :)

    Linda:It is amazing. It's like, "There's nothing I can't do, when it comes to writing because of all of you!" It helps me to think about that when things aren't going good. Like days when I couldn't write anything worthwhile or when an agent says, "This is not what we're looking for." "Well, I researched you, Ms. agent and I happen to know that you are looking for this type of book." It helps to know you all are in the same boat with me. :)

  8. Great post! Yes, we are in this together. I am grateful for every single one of my blogger writer friends.

  9. Oooh, I love this post! You're so right, we're not alone. Before I started blogging, I didn't know any other writers. Not one. And I did feel alone. And it made writing so much harder. But since then (and it hasn't been that long), I feel like I have so many friends and so much support. I don't feel alone and I feel like my writing has improved because of it. I feel encouraged and as you said, like I have a family. Have a great day!

  10. Susan:Isn't it great that we can know we're in this together?

    Cindy: I felt alone too. Before I found the blogosphere. And my critique group. But now even when I'm writing, I know that I'm not the only one. It's so much comfort. :)

  11. I love you saying we could do it alone but don't have to...That's important. I have learned so much from other writers, in person and online, but also felt supported by those connections. It matters. Thanks for saying so.

  12. Tricia: Uhhuh! Those connections make such a difference. :)

  13. One of THE best things about the Blogosphere!

  14. Amen, gal! Ya'll are my lifeline.


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