Monday, July 19, 2010

Title contest, y'all

Robyn has finished SEVENTY TWO HOURS. She needs a title for the MG book she is working on now. Still about Anna, Claire, and Ian. (They won't leave my head.) But this time they are after the thieves that took their two beloved (and worth a lot of moolah) horses, Fancy and Rundee. Snatched them right off the ranch where Anna and Ian live. They head out after the slimy burglars and end up captured themselves. BTW, they discover a ring that is stealing thoroughbreds and selling them to the highest bidder. Now pass the word about this contest and you get THREE extra points. Facebook, twitter, yanno the drill. Also, if you add it to your sidebar, another THREE extra points. I will post all title entries on the blog on the week of July 26th. Then you will vote on your favorite. Uh, nope, can't vote for your own title. I have Ivy on the case. She's a super-sleuth. =) The entries with the most points, because they facebooked, etc, will be at the top. 1st place, 2nd, etc. Top ten entries will be voted on by you. The most lovely folks in the universe. You will pick the winner. When my book comes out, (and come out it will) providing the publisher allows, the winner will receive credit as being the said titler if they use it. Prize?? Say huh?? ^_^ A $30.00 Barnes and Noble gift card and a basket of yummy Village Coffee stuff.

I only have five entries. Contest closes the morning of July 26th. If I don't get any more entries I will just post the five I have.


  1. Where do we enter???? I am trying to find where to put my entry!

  2. Sigh. Robyn, I cannot even get titles for my own works (two have been dramatically changed by the publisher).

    I don't want to mess with your good thing!


  3. I wish I knew more about the book!!! I want to enter!

  4. HA! I have to agree with patti! I struggle SO much with titles, my friend. I hope you find the exact one you are looking for!

    Take care!

  5. "The C.I.A." - Grand Larceny - Horse Theft
    (C-laire, A-nna and I-an)

    Hope this helps! Good luck! :)

  6. I suck rocks at titles....but will give it a go...

    what about:

    spirited away
    to catch a (horse)thief

    okay, not so great. I like spirited away, actually :D

  7. Okay, I'm not that great at this but I'll give it a go:

    A Bid For Fancy
    Traded Thoroughbreds
    A Tale Of Two Horses (just kidding, couldn't resist)

    Sorry, like I said - I'm terrible at this. Good luck with your choices though.

  8. Oh, dear, I'm not good with titles unless I've read the book! Here's my lame attempts:

    Stealing Fancy
    Horse Stolen
    The Stealing Ring

    Can you tell I'm on a stealing kick? :)

  9. It's the end of the day, but I'll try:

    Chasing the Wind, or

    Thieves in Their Pockets

    Congratulations on finishing!

  10. Hmmm, me love titles. Here's a few:

    Fancy Free (if Rundee is rescued or esacapes)
    Horse Flesh and Goose Bumps
    Ranch Thief Round-Up
    The Lazy J Kidnapping (insert ranch name)

    ok.....I'll stop now. :D

  11. hmm

    House Thief
    Horse Burglar
    Horse Finder

    Ok Im bad at titles.

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  12. Okay. This took some thought. Too much thought! Here's all I could come up with!
    -Silent Stables: The Disappearence of Fancy and Rundee
    -The Horse Ring
    -The Horse Pirates
    -If Horses Could Cry


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