Friday, October 5, 2012

OUT OF THE DARKNESS Suicide Prevention Giveaway & Fundraiser!

*Waves* This is the story of my life. THE HACKERS KILLED MY BLOG! I want them thrown into the lions den! But since there is no way I can find out who or WHAT they are, I'm going to be deleting Putting Pen To Paper after October. I have four more posts I have to get up this month. I'm late with this one, because of all the things on my plate. Hubby's fall, all the farm chores, including getting the hay up, homeschooling, and etc, etc! Apologies to Justine. It takes forever just to get into my blog, so that's why my comments have been null. (Stupid hackers!) I will try to move around today and comment as much as possible. But remember I love you all and miss you so very much!

Our family knew of a young guy who was intelligent, talented, and personable. He hung himself a month before high school graduation three years ago. This is for you Clayton and all those like you.

From Justine Dell's blog:
Do you want get some AWESOME books? Cool swag? AND help raise money for Suicide Prevention? Pop over there as soon as you finish reading: Justine Dell's house.

YA author, Sarah Fine and I are joining forces to bring you this wonderful opportunity to win cool stuff AND help a wonderful charity.  LOTS of other bloggers and authors and agents have donated the cool stuff! 
If you want to bypass the giveaway/auction and donate straight to the cause, YAY! Here is our Out of the Darkness Donation page: HERE. 
The giveaway starts on Monday, Oct. 1st and you can find some deets on Sarah Fine's Blog. But for your ease, I have put the widgets here so you can enter!  There are two widgets:
1. Epic Giveway. Just follow the Rafflecopter instructions and enter to win SUPER cool stuff. Oh, and here's a bonus: for every 250 entries we receive (up to 1250), Sarah Fine will donate $100 dollars to the Out of The Darkness Walk. YAY! Which means if we get 1250 entries, Sarah will donate $500 dollars to the cause!! So ENTER! And tell your friends! 
2. Sarah and Justine's Dynamite Donation Giveaway. For every $1 dollar you donate, you will be given ONE entry into the Sarah's giveaway and Justine's. So if you donate $50 bucks, that 50 entries for each giveaway! (check the widget for the prizes). Just enter with an easy entry on the Rafflecopter, donate, then email your receipt to Justine and we'll manually enter your entries! You only have to donate ONCE and you will be entered into BOTH giveaways (which means you also only need to fill out one Rafflcopter thing...manual entries will take care of the rest) HOW COOL IS THAT? And how EASY?
Get on over peeps. You only have so much time, due to my ineptness. *sigh*


  1. Hi Robyn! I'm so happy to be supporting this cause--I donated after reading Lenny's blog post!!! ;)

    Thanks for being an angel!

  2. A worthy cause for you to hack your way onto your blog for. Your story just makes me sick - so sad :( Good luck with your blogging troubles!

  3. Boo! Boo about the hackers! That totally stinks. I feel so sorry for you and I will miss your posts. Still, I undertand why you are stopping.

    What a worthy cause!

  4. This is a wonderful cause, Robyn! I will be happy to donate even without being entered into the giveaway.

    We continue to miss you over at WANATribe, dear. Lynn keeps us posted and we all send you our love and good thoughts. xo


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