Saturday, October 20, 2012

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LENNY LEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That super cool, bodacious, friend to this writer and all folks who have ever known him turns all teenagery today. Please join me as I tell you the ten words that say what I like about Lenny and as I reminisce with ten things about what he has taught me about living. *ahem*

10. Thoughtful!
  9.  Kind!
  8. Generous!
   7. He's a writer!!!!! (Well that's three in one sentence. But. Need I say more??)
   6. Concerned!
   5. Gentle!
  4. Peaceful!
  3. Creative!
  2. Wordsmith!
  1. Best pal! He's always there to listen to me through my emails. No matter what. He listens.

10. Lenny has taught me that coolness comes in all shapes and sizes. (Cause he's waay cool!)
 9.  Super Lenny (A story I wrote for him) has shown me that it's very awesome to be there for your writing pals whenever they might need you for critique or anything else for that matter. (He's always lending a super Lenny hand.) 
 8.  He's taught me that the Falcons are a SUPER DE DUPER team to pull for and is very sorry for me when my Dolphins lose. (And that's been quite a lot in the last couple years.) My point being that he truly feels bad when a friend is down. Then he does his best to cheer the friend up. And he's a BRAVES fan, so he HAS to be cool. (Dadgum Braves lost.) Sorry 'bout that Lenny! (I feel it was because I gave Mayhew a hard time when the Braves beat her team, the Cardinals.) *payback* They beat the Braves when it counted. *sigh* (She did not give me a hard time back.) *humbled*
 7. He's taught me it's ALWAYS better to wear a smile. I can feel his smile through his posts, etc. (He has a smiley face on his blog.) How cool is that??
 6. Lenny taught me to enjoy all the moments of life. The big and the little ones. 
 5. He has shown me that friendship is give and take. And he is SUCH A GIVER! 
 4. He showed me just how cool words are recently in a blog post. Did y'all read that awesome post? If not. You need to. Here's the linkage: Lenny's World.
 3. Lenny taught me that we all need to laugh at ourselves once in a while. 
 2. He showed me there is always something to encourage someone about. I guess, because he's been so encouraging to me.
 1. Lenny taught me it's always waay better to LOVE ONE ANOTHER! Love and friendship walk together. Hand in hand. He's a true blue friend.



  1. Hi, Robyn! Great post about Lenny. He is a most AWESOME young man.


  2. So glad I got to meet Lenny through you all.

    Happy Birthday Lenny! Enjoy your special birthday!

  3. Hi Robyn .. me thinks Lenny is going to have one Bodacious day - but the most important thing is loads of bloggers will be having happy thoughts too .. Lenny is mighty special and we'll be laughing along with him ...

    Have a great birthday Lenny - and we will too - sharing from afar .. cheers Hilary

  4. Ha, you squeezed in chuffed! Ann will be impressed.

    Happy birthday to Lenny. What a wonderful list, Robyn!

  5. An awesome list! He's taught me a lot, too. I never get a comment or email from Lenny that doesn't make me smile.

  6. Hi Robyn,

    What a wonderful tribute to my young human buddy, Lenny Lee!

    The pawsitive, sorry, positive interaction Lenny shares with us, is another fine display of this sharing, caring blogging community.

    Happy Birthday to Lenny!

    Pawsitive wishes, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star, superstar! :)

  7. hi miss robyn!

    WOW! thanks for such a cool post. you said so much nice stuff about me. you got me feeling way special. thanks for making my birthday soooo happy. im glad me and you are friends. you rock!

    ...hugs from lenny

  8. Awesome post, Robyn! Those words worked perfectly for Lenny. :) Happy Birthday, Lenny!!!

    (go cards)

  9. So wonderful to see so many celebrating Lenny's birthday with him today! Happy Birthday, Lenny! Hope it's a wonderful one! :)

  10. Oh that's lovely, Robyn :)
    Happy Birthday, Lenny!

  11. happy Birthday to Lenny! And Robyn, what a wonderful tribute!

  12. Hi Robyn! I'm so glad you introduced your friend Lenny to us. His joie de vivre is infectious!!

    Bless you both!!!

  13. Happy Belated Birthday Lenny! I hope you enjoyed your special day!

    What a beautiful tribute, Robyn! I'm so glad to meet your friend Lenny.

  14. That's a wonderful post about Lenny, Robyn, and I agree with you!

  15. Lenny is an awesome person. I'm glad to see all the b-day posts for him.

  16. Happy Birthday to Lenny and sweet post. How are you doing, Robyn? Here's a Bliss chocolate for you.
    Play off the Page

  17. Lenny sounds like a very special character!
    Hope he had an awesome b-day!
    Hi Robyn! *waving*

  18. Wow, Lenny sounds like one of a kind. Happy birthday to him!

  19. Hello there friend, I hope you are doing well and everything is going okay. I just came by to say hello and to wish you a great week.

  20. I've never met Lenny, but he sounds like a wonderful person based on everything I've heard about him! Happy Belated Birthday Lenny! Hope you are doing well Robyn, and thanks for your kind words! Julie

  21. Just like yawning is infectious, so is smiling. And, you're right!Christmas is just around the corner *wink wink, nudge nudge* and this book would make any child and their parents happycheap gw2 gold


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