Monday, October 26, 2009

How's your voice?

I hope everyone had as good an unplug week as I did. :)

When you're stumped about how your narrator should sound, what do you do? I have learned (forget where)to write at least one scene (preferably more) in the first person. It really works. Then you can write it in third person later. It helps you to see how the narrator is thinking and it helps you to find the narrator's personality. You easily become the character and it gives you the emotional angle you might need. Because you are feeling what the character feels and seeing what the character sees, the scene is improved and your narrators voice shines through. Okay, so anyone else have any advice for finding a character's voice? If so leave a comment and tell us how you do it. :)

And a great big thank you to Kristi over at Random Acts of Writing for giving me the Silver Shoe award. Isn't it beeeeaaaauuuutiful? Thanks Kristi. Everyone go visit her blog. She has a lot of great writing info posted on a daily basis. :)

And it is my turn to pass the Silver Shoe award on, so I'll give it to my pal Belle over at Ms. Bookish. Go check out her blog too. Great blog about writing, reading and everything in between. :)


  1. I heard one time that you could interview your character to get into their voice. I did it once; it was really fun and actually worked.

    I love the write-a-scene-in-first-person idea. I think I'll try that too!

  2. Great Post. We must be on the same wave length today because I did a brief post about voice this morning w/a linkity-link to a more in-depth post about voice. : )

    Congrats on the award!


  3. It's really getting to know the character that works best for me. When I have a character w/ a weak voice, it is usually because I haven't really fleshed him/her out in my mind.

    The backwork of creating that character bible really helps for me.

  4. I'm so glad to see the award is starting to make it's rounds. You are very deserving! Congratulations.

  5. Great post. I've been thinking a lot about voice recently and have been developing my own MC, although the book is written in first person already. Maybe I will try writing something in one of the other character's POV just so I get a better idea of them.

  6. Can you wear those shoes and ride? Ha. Congratulations.
    I'm going to try your write-a-scene-in-first-person suggestion. I have interviewed characters so that they answer in first person, and it really added depth to them.

  7. That's a good tip on how to find a character's voice. I've done that recently and it really helped. Actually, it made me want to write the entire story in first person, but I figured it'd be better left in third person how it should be :D

  8. For me, it's about being quiet. Only quiet actively, kind of like the way the air is quiet right before a thunderstorm strikes. There's Atmosphere. O:) The quieter and more still my thoughts are, the louder and more active my characters' voices are.

  9. Congratulations Robyn! I am glad to hear you enjoyed your week unplugged.

    I like your suggestion about switching to first person, except the novel I'm writing is in first person for me. Hmm. Lots to ponder.

  10. When I get stuck, I exaggerate. I let my narrator over dramatize everything and be whiny or angry or whatever he/she wants to be. That usually creates enough personality that I can then use when I back down to normal levels again.

    Congratulations on the award!

  11. Thanks so much for the award, Robyn! I love your tip about writing a scene in the first person to get the feel for your narrator's voice.

  12. in my recent WIP (first person), I got through the whole first draft before I felt like I got my character's voice. Sure, lots of rewrites, but hopefully they will pay off.

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