Monday, May 21, 2012

Suffocate, you bodacious folks! No, I have not turned evil. (It's a story) *wink*

Hey y'all, it is May 21st and guess what happens on this day?

S.R. Johannes’ Suffocate is out today!

Suffocate is the first novelette in THE BREATHLESS series. It is a 15,000 word young adult thriller that combines the dystopic and science fiction genres.

Here’s a little about the novelette…

“For centuries, the world outside the Biome has been unlivable. Today, marks the first time anyone will attempt to leave the suffocating ecosphere. Eria is not worried because her scientist father has successfully tested the new Bio-Suit many times. It's a celebratory day until something goes horribly wrong. In the midst of tragedy, Eria uncovers a deep conspiracy that affects the very air she breathes. 

If those responsible find out what she knows, they won't stop hunting her until she takes her last breath.”

The 2nd novella in the series, CHOKE, is scheduled for Fall 2012. The 3rd, EXHALE, is scheduled for Winter 2013.

You can purchase Suffocate for only 99 cents at
Also you can add it on Goodreads! -

And in case you were wondering here is a bit about that lovely Georgia gal –

S.R. Johannes is author of the Amazon Bestseller Untraceable and a current nominee of the Georgia Author of the Year in the Young Adult category. After earning an MBA and working in corporate America, S.R. Johannes traded in her expensive suits, high heels, and corporate lingo for a family, flip-flops, and her love of writing. She lives in Atlanta Georgia with her goldendoodle Charley (notice he is listed first :), her British-accented husband, and the huge imaginations of their little prince and princess, which she hopes- someday- will change the world.  You can find her hanging out online and visit her at

I'm having a giveaway of the (courtesy of that awesome author herself), peeps. Here's what you must do: Be a follower and comment on this post. Extra entries?? Either tweet, facebook, blog, google+ about Shelli's novella, tell me you did and you'll get 3 extra entries. Winner announced on Wednesday, May 23rd. Good luck!

Friday, May 18, 2012

I'm way behind...

in getting around to all you beautiful people. I was supposed to have a Perfect Picture Book post today also. But my sister-in-law has been in the hospital for over a week. She's terminal. I hope to see y'all soon. :(

Also, on Monday I'll have a give away of Shelli Johannes-Wells new novella, Suffocate. 

And Phyll (That awesome book by my pal and yours too, Susanna Leonard Hill) has been here, peeps. She loves life on the farm and she really digs my palomino appaloosa, Mister Ed. Let's just say he loves her too. The post with pics of Phyll will be Wednesday May 23. Come out and support that awesome weather gal turned rodeo star. 

*waving* xoxo

Monday, May 14, 2012

First Loves Blogfest

Alex J. Cavanaugh is the brain (Yup. He's a brain) child of this fun and entertaining blogfest. We are supposed to post our first loves – first movie, first song/band, first book, and first person. So here goes folks!

(I had a problem with this one since Meg Ryan is my favorite actress and she doesn't star in my first loves movie.) My first loves movie is Vertigo, peeps! Hitchcock was awesome! I mean AWESOME! It stars Jimmy Stewart and Kim Novak. When it was released Vertigo didn't receive great reviews, but it has stood the test of time. Check out this psychological thriller and be amazed at Hitchcock's awesomeness! The main character, Scottie Ferguson (a detective) suffers from vertigo after almost dying while trying to apprehend a criminal. He receives a call from a man claiming to be his childhood friend who wants to hire him to keep a watch on his suicidal wife, Madeleine (Kim Novak). Scottie soon finds himself infatuated with Madeleine who claims to be possessed by the spirit of her great grandmother. There is much more to the story than this, it is a true masterpiece.

My first loves band is and always will be The Beatles! They set trends that still apply today. These guys were amazingly talented. Their personal lives seemed to always be in turmoil, but their music spoke to the masses.

My first loves book (I know ya know this one)is Black Beauty! Anna Sewell showed me a new world. This is the world of living inside a story with the characters. She wrote this book for vets and horse owners. What a fantastic author. If only she could have known, she might have written more wondrous stories. Have you read Black Beauty?

My first loves person was Dad. He was such a lovely man. And he adored me! He was an Irish gentleman. He passed away over fourteen years ago, but he will never be forgotten. Dad is responsible for my love of reading. That man always had his nose in a book. And he was a genius, Dad taught himself calculus. Yep! He was the most honest person I have ever met. How I love him and can't wait to see him again one day.

Click on the link to visit more first loves. 

What were your first loves? *waving*


Sunday, May 6, 2012

R Stands For...

reflections.  Er, wait a minute. Hmmm. Let me start that over. (Sorry, I'm used to starting my posts with a letter.) *bangs head on desk*

This is my reflection post. I am musing about A to Z 2012 and the really cool themes I saw while loping my horse, Mister Ed through the blogosphere. (He was upset that he couldn't find any horse subjects.)We did some galloping too. Yeehaw! *ahem*

We did find a lot of fun, interesting, beeutiful posts and I am going to name the peeps responsible so's you can visit them in the future. *rubs face* The linkage I wanted to add to this post made my fingers cramp up!

First up, I would like to give a shout out to the grand master, the sunglass wearing master mind of A to Z, Mr. Arlee Bird. *applause* He bows. *wink* He has a lotta help these days. Kudos to all you glitterati. (You didn't know I knew that word, did ya?) Here are the co-hosts in alphabetical order:  Damyanti Biswas (Amlokiblogs), Alex J. Cavanaugh, Tina Downey, D L Hammons, Jeremy Hawkins, Shannon Lawrence, My old pal, MacNish, Elizabeth Mueller, Jenny Pearson, Konstanz Silverbow, Stephen Tremp, and Karen Jones Gowen.
*drum roll* 
Now here's the blogs I loved. In alphabetical order, y'all.
 Adventures in the Ballpark,Mare Ball  who wrote about everything from Dunkin' Donuts and her brother to her mom and dad who are 89 and 92 and lookin' oh so good!
Alex J. Cavanaugh honored an assortment of blogging pals in his posts everyday. That is a BODACIOUS thing to do! *waving*
 Bish at Random Thoughts  went literary. She talked about books, authors and characters from fiction or myth that made an impression, were inspirational, or caused her to think. She's back home in The Virgin Islands recuperating right now. She sent me a post card. It's so magnificent! I wanna be where she is. *sob*
Bob Scotney took us on a wonderful castle tour. He rocks and he and Hilary (look below) gave me great ideas for future vacations. (They gave my hubby a headache though.) *wink* 
(Like how I made that all one link?) Dang, I'm good! She's a poet and I love reading her posts. Sending her a huge smooch!
 Medeia Sharif talked about writing, her favorite books, bloggers’ books, and music. I love visiting her anyway. She is an awesome writer pal.
Mina Burrows  talked about likable characters. Everyone from Xena to The Joker. Her posts were always fun to read.
Tracy at My Thoughtful Spot (I put her in the M's, because of her blog name) did her posts on perceptions + quotes + reality =. And she's a NC gal too. Her posts were reflective and beautiful.
Play off the Page's Mary Aalgaard (I know. You're thinkin' she has a lotta A's in her name) blogged about a word for the day. Each word made us think and remember. Awesome!
Positive Letters, Hilary  took us on another castle tour. We loved going inside these beautiful castles and even touring the gardens. 
Putting Words Down On Paper, Susanne gave us books from her son's childhood. Everything from Captain Underpants to Calvin and Hobbes cartoon books. Super job woman!
My pal, Stacy S. Jensen posted mostly about the memoir she has written about her first husband, Jimmy and the aneurysm that eventually took his life. Stacy wrote with love and compassion. She is a gentle soul, a remarkable woman. Go visit her, will ya? You'll be glad ya did.
My friend,  Theresa Milstein over at Theresa's Tales of Teaching Tribulations and Typing Teen Texts (Whew. That's a mouthful!) had music as her theme. Each day we were transported into yesteryear, listening to some excellent bands and hearing about how these bands affected Theresa in her own life. She ALWAYS  had at least one video. You rock, girlfriend.
Writer-in-Transit, awesome peep, Michelle blogged about anything musical. Her writing is absolutely musical and I looked forward to her posts each and everyday.
Writing Remnants, Cheryl Klarich blogged about anything that came to her mind. She's the one who told me about the Krochet Kids. It was started by a guy who crochets. He taught his friends to crochet and they went to Uganda to teach the women there to crochet hats. They sell them at Nordstrom or you can always buy them here.
Their motto became "Buy a hat change a life". Go visit and buy a hat and change a life. Okay?!
I know I have not mentioned everyone that I loved visiting. But these are just a few of the A to Z peeps who made me smile. 
Thanks for reading. *waving* 
I'm still on break. I have not recovered yet. *head drops* Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!