Monday, May 20, 2013

What can Devastation Teach Us About Being Positive?

As we watched the horrors unfold on TV this past weekend, it only got worse today. The lives lost, homes and schools destroyed, pure devastation. Positive? Not on your life!

Then we hear of donations pouring in. Americans from all over this home of the brave and land of the free. They want to help. They want to know what they can do to make it easier on a family that just lost a mother or a father or a child. Positive? You're darn tootin'!

This is how we roll. We come together for the common good. We want to show we love. We want to show we care. So for this reason, Be Positive Day will be a force for action. I ask that you send your followers to donate. I have two links at the end of this post. You know, there is a lot of positiveness coming out of all this destruction. It is you!

Thank you Sharon Mayhew. Thank you everyone!

Positive: confident, optimistic, and focusing on good things rather than bad.

Please donate to Samaritans Purse and/or the American Red Cross.

Please make a difference. That's a positive message. See you tomorrow on twitter. xoxo

Check out my pal Lenny's International Be Positive Day post

This is a reminder about Be Positive Day Tuesday, May 21. I also want to send you over to Lenny's World to read the most wonderful #bepositive post ever! 

Go on over to Lenny's World. He's waiting on you. He wants to help you have a positive day every day! 

Thanks Lenny! Huge hugs!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

International Be Positive Day

Remember #bepositiveday? My pal Sharon Mayhew and I think it's time for another sprinkle of sunshine and flowers. So next Tuesday, May 21 we'll be tweeting positive, confident, encouraging, affirmative, upbeat words to spread the love and jettison those clouds. 

The rules. Tweet positive tweets using the hashtag #bepositive all day on twitter. And hey. If you aren't on twitter, show some FB love by posting a fantastical thought over there. Or do a blog post.

You'll feel like Ivy did after she trounced the hay gettin' in day. Can you get any more positive that this? After Be Positive Day, you might feel like climbing onto the roof of your truck and doing a *happy dance*. Hmmm. If I do that, I won't post any pics. Fear not! I want you to stay positive, not bawl your eyes out. *wink*

You'll be smiling like our Frodo here. This guy is very upbeat. Come on now. I KNOW you want to feel like this guy does. Have I convinced you to take the dip? (I tried to find some diving into the pool pics, but could only find them of me diving.) *shiver* 

So. Don't be like these guys. Who took that picture anyway? Pshaw! Not me. 

Be like this guy. Positive and all leapy. *wink* 

I'm countin' on seeing y'all there. (Thought I'd throw in my southern twang to further convince you.) 

Be there. Or be square. (The kids say that.) What DOES that mean anyway?