Thursday, July 11, 2013

Heard of Emblazon?

Today is the launch of Emblazon. That's a site that's all about tween lit, peeps. Traditionally published and self published authors have come together, (Hmm, I'm humming a Beatles tune all of a sudden. Wonder why?) to bring the world of tween literature to your fingertips. Check out Tween the Weekends.

From the website:

Tween the Weekends is a monthly feature hosted right here on Emblazon. This is an opportunity for writers and readers to promote tween literature, that age bracket squashed between middle grade and young adult. You can review a great tween book, post about writing for kids, connect with others who love the genre, support and encourage one another, relate news, share links, or just about anything else tween related. Let’s celebrate tween literature!

There's a contest going on over there right now too, peeps.Pop over and peep around.  Here's the linkage: Emblazon, what a great name. 

I scheduled this to go off, if the link doesn't work, call my secretary. *wink*

Monday, July 8, 2013

Do You Take Critique Well? Or Do You Sulk And Throw Stuff At Your Computer?

(I know. Doesn't seem to go. But these two make having a thick skin positively required.) *sigh*
To get back to my question, I do the latter. *wink* *wink* Naw. I think I take it pretty well. I'm grateful to have such fantastic writer buds who have made my writing so much better. (I have a special shout-out to three writer pals from our MPBM FB group. Making Picture Book Magic is Susanna Hill's picture book class.)  Their links are at the bottom of this post. Go visit them peeps. And a special shout and some smooches to my CP Cheryl Secomb. Cheryl, Susanna, and Kristen Fulton SAVED MY LIFE, man! Cheryl's actually my angel. Christopher has been really sick and she posted in our FB group for me. She went way beyond the friendship thing and ended up in Angel territory. Thanks pal! Thanks to all three of these talented, MARVELOUS pals. You guys rock!

Last week, I was invited by my friend and CP, Sharon Mayhew, to participate in this "blog hop interview." The idea is this: She sent me some interview questions, which I answer, and at the end I tag 3 other writers who will in turn answer the same questions on their blogs this week. Please check out Sharon's answers to the questions at her blog, S.K. Mayhew, Kid Lit Writer. Feel free to leave a comment and tell her it's from me. *waves to Sharon*

So on with the show, y'all!

1. What are you working on right now? I am working on two picture books and I'm revising a MG. Plus, a few more picture books warming on the stove and my YA fictional story about Nancy Hanks, Abe Lincoln's mama warming in the oven. 

2. How does your writing process work? WOW. My process is as clumsy as they come. I love to write in the mornings, but that's not always possible on the farm. I mean, who knows. An unexpected urge to ride a horse may hit me after coffee and so there goes the morning. But the key is writing every day. And these days, with Christopher's problems, that is hard, but I'm still sticking to it. If you don't write every day, then how will you improve? It takes the BS&T folks. (Blood, sweat and tears.) And I am now perspiring blood, so I hope my time has come.

3. What is the hardest part about writing? SAY HUH??????!!!!!! You mean, what ain't hard?? Right? I guess the hardest part is actually sitting down and doing it. Nuff said.

4. Who are the authors you most admire? Oh wow. Let me talk about some unpubbed authors that I totally love and admire: Theresa Milstein, Cheryl Secomb, Sharon Mayhew, and published authors, my pal, Susanna Hill, my bbf, Iza Trapini, bestie, Lynn Kelley, Alex J. Cavanaugh (Sci-fi guy and ninja captain!)and Doreen Cronin. 

Please check out Sharon's answers to the questions at her blog, S.K Mayhew, Kid Lit Writer. Feel free to leave a comment and tell her I sent ya. *wink* *wink* 

Follow all of these extraordinary ladies, y'all. You'll be glad you did. P.S. Kristen writes non-fiction for all you non-fiction peeps. She started WOW, Non Fiction Picture Book Week which was last week and I know it was a rousing success. I actually surprised me and did four really, really, really rough draft non fiction stories. Really rough! YaY me!

I am tagging:

Cheryl Secomb

Susanna Hill

Kristen Fulton

Please stop by these blogs this week for glimpses into three authors' worlds. You'll be glad you did. 

As to Christopher, still no news. I'm not on much these days and I owe you guys visits and I'm getting around. Slowly. But we must have answers. Soon. This week, I hope. Thanks for thinking of us and for loving me. *group hug y'all*

Monday, July 1, 2013

Lenny to The Rescue

The Fourth Of July Secret Mystery Writing Contest over at Susanna Hill's house. (Which I stupidly thought I could enter, easy peasy.) Remind me the next time I think I want to do something, to go soak my head. Thanks. This is my entry. I wanted to say that someone hijacked my blog and put it up. It's THAT embarrassing. *sigh*

So. For your laughing pleasure I give you my entry. BLEH! Titled Lenny to The Rescue.

“Mr. Thomas, you sent for me?” Lenny asked.

“Yes Lenny, we have a problem.” Mr. Thomas took deep breaths and sat down. He pulled out a handkerchief, and wiped his face. “That document I've been writing is gone! I've searched this room from top to bottom. Can you help me find it?”

“Yes sir. We have to find those papers, Mr. Thomas, sir.” Lenny gave Mr. Thomas a smile as he turned and left the room.

Lenny glanced back at the closed door and shook his head.

Poor Mr. Thomas has worked his fingers to the bone. I have to help him find them, Lenny thought. He’s worked for almost three weeks, all day and every day. But what can I do? I’m just a kid?

Lenny paced in the hallway. “Please let us find it,” he muttered.

He walked into the kitchen. “Miss Sally, did you take Mr. Thomas his tea and biscuits this morning?”

“Yes, as always. Why do you ask?”

“Did you touch anything besides the tray in the parlor?” Lenny raised his eyebrows.

“No sir, Lenny. I just set the tray down and came on back to the kitchen to clean up.”

“Thank you, Miss Sally.” Lenny rubbed the back of his neck.

He searched the rooms that Mr. Thomas rented, rummaging through the drawers. He wrinkled his forehead as he walked to the parlor to tell Mr. Thomas he’d failed.

Lenny tripped over Patches who slept near the door to the parlor. “Patches! What are you doing sleeping there, you rascally mutt?” The dog rolled over asking for a belly rub. Lenny reached down to give him a quick pat and noticed smooshed papers jutting out from under Patches. 

Lenny gently tugged at it.

Patches wiggled and rolled off the papers.

His heart pounded as he rushed into the parlor.

“Mr. Thomas, Mr. Thomas. Patches had them. He must have taken them because he missed you. You worked so hard on the document, you haven’t played fetch with him for weeks.” Lenny handed the papers to Mr. Thomas.

“Lenny, my boy! You’ve saved the day. This is the only copy declaring our independence from Britain. Later today Congress votes on it.” He reached down and patted Patches on the head.

Lenny stretched and smiled as he proudly stood beside Mr. Thomas Jefferson that day as the colonies voted they were no longer bound to England.

We've been dealing with some problems with Christopher. A headache that he's had for five weeks, nausea, and weight loss. So that's why the blog has been stagnant. I will try to post more though. Promise.