Saturday, July 25, 2015

YO! HO! I Took a Little Break To Get The New Site Ready.

AND it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Er, almost (my PDFs are not finished, my welcome newsletter is not finished). But I'm unveiling it anyway. Do you like it?? Oh, wait. You haven't seen it.

Please stop by and say hello. I have truly missed all of you. Alex, I have followed your tour. Loved your guest post about balancing everything in your life. The title was something like how you're human. *snort* Something you said hit me like a ton of bricks. You said it all comes down to priorities. I'd been feeling really guilty about not blogging through the stuff with Christopher (not to mention getting the new blog place furnished). But that helped me not to worry so much about that. It IS all about priorities. Thank you.

Christopher had some ER visits. We have a new neurologist. But our appointment isn't until August 6th. One night I thought he was having a stroke. Thankfully, it wasn't one. Strokes go with his brain disorder.

On Monday, I have a review of a very special picture book written by a very special debut picture book author. I hope you will stop by the new place to meet her.

I won't be back here anymore. *sniff* Goodbye Blogger. Hello Wordpress. :-)

My new home, y'all!