Monday, April 30, 2012

Dum de dum dum dum! Z Stands For...

"Shhhh. She's sleeping," Robyn's blog said. "Robyn stayed up all month blogging with her beautiful blogging buds and now she's getting some much needed rest. Now she's going to take a blogcation and attend to writing matters. She will be doing the reflections post and a blogfest during that time, though. She wanted you to know that you all are the best bloggers in the world. Now, have some chocolate and take a break. You deserve it."

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Y Stands For...

Yada, yada, yada, yada, yada, yada! What does this have to do with writing????? Dunno! I'm pooped. I got nuttin. I'm rambling. *light bulb*
Yada, yada means blah, blah, right? Writers talk, writers listen. That is how we form our characters and our settings and our worlds. Listen to the way people express themselves.
There! I did it! Do I win a prize?? Say what? My prize is the finish line? The conclusion? The accomplishment?? The end????? And that won't be until Monday? Okey dokey.
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Friday, April 27, 2012

X Stands For...

xanthiosis! Now if you tried to google this X word you might get an answer like this:
Did you mean: xanthosis
No, no I meant what I said. My X word comes from the ME WORDS pile that I have made my own definitions for. I throw this out in homeschool to find out if the kids are on the ball. If I'm feeling particularly evil, I give them a test on these words and watch the way they look at each other. And those comments, "Dad! Why'd you marry a crazy woman?" Or, "Can we have a nice teacher?" And my personal favorite, "This is gonna scar me for life." Bwa ha ha ha! Now. What does this have to do with my writing theme?? Xanthiosis: a writer who does a fun day's work and loves what she does, because it means something to her. Ha! 
 Oh and call me. I'll tell you how I pronounce it. *wink*
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Perfect Picture Book Friday :-)

Know and Follow Rules Written by: Cheri J. Meiners M.ED. Free Spirit Publishing (March 31, 2005)       

Suitable for:
Ages 4 and up
Following the rules
We have rules for play. . .
And we have rules for work.
Sometimes we work quietly.
A child who can’t follow rules is a child who’s always in trouble. This book starts with simple reasons why we have rules: to help us stay safe, learn, be fair, and get along. Then it presents just four basic rules: “Listen,” “Best Work,” “Hands and Body to Myself,” and “Please and Thank You.” The focus throughout is on the positive sense of pride that comes with learning to follow rules. Includes questions and activities adults can use to reinforce the ideas and skills being taught.
Why I loved it:
This sweet book is worded so simply, even the younger picture book kidlets can grasp the meaning. It focuses on how much the children can take pride in following the rules. Includes questions and activities adults can use to reinforce the ideas and skills being taught.
Resource linkage: 
Education World and coloring pages over at Twisty Noodle
Check out the most awesome/bodacious picture book author: Susanna Leonard Hill for more awesome/bodacious picture books. 
I am taking a break after the A to Z. (Except for the A to Z reflections post and a blogfest) *gasp* *wheeze* I'm gonna hunker down and get some serious writing and editing done. I'll be back on Friday, May 19th with another Perfect Picture Book Friday post, y'all.

Thursday, April 26, 2012


Head over and sign up! You might just win. The prize?? (From Alex's blog) To celebrate 1500 followers, Alex Cavanaugh is holding a giveaway – a copy of CassaStar and CassaFire! The books will be donated to the winner’s choice of public or high school library, along with a selection of bookmarks. (The winner also gets bookmarks.) So go on peeps! Here's the linkage: Alex J. Cavanaugh (The ninja captain)

W Stands For...

wacky! Wild! Writing! (You know! To fill those empty pages) *grin* That's how I view my writing. A little bit on the wild and wacky side. But that is my voice. I know my voice. It's totally me and no one can ever really have it. I love funny! I want to make kids laugh. There is enough to be serious about in this world, don'tcha think? So if I can make a kid giggle for a short time and take the cares of his/her world off his/her shoulders, then the ride has been where I wanted to go. What about you? Have you found your voice? Are you enjoying the ride? Is A to Z making you a tad zany?? Have I made any sense? *anxiety*
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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

V Stands For...

vacant! Now where am I going with?? (I know I didn't finish the sentence, I'm trying to be cool.) Okay. I'm not, I know. *sigh* I could tell you that my mind is utterly empty after all these many days. And that could be true, but it has nothing to do with my writing. 

I'm talking about that empty page. Yep. I'm going to ask you how you plan to fill them. Because that's what it's all about, right? And those empty pages stare back at you waiting. And waiting. And waiting. What will you do with them? For more A to Z clicky on my alphabet box on the top of the sidebar. It flashes. Oooo! Sweet!  ONLY FOUR MORE DAYS!!!!!! *gasp*                                                    

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

U Stands For...

umbrella! What does this have to do with writing, you ask?? (You're thinkin' I'm so pooped that I've gone off the deep side of things, aren't ya??) Do you see where I'm going here??
In the past I have used my made in, pop up covering/umbrella/blanket/parasol to hide from my characters. If I hid, I'm was off the hook. I didn't have to write them into the story. I didn't even havta write the story. Seriously folks. I used to be this way. Uh-huh. *dingy* Until I realized that my characters were my friends and that spending time with them was one of my favorite things to do. I think I was petrified of failure. Question?????? Ever been this way? Or should I go away now? *hides face* *crawls under bed*

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Shakespeare or somethin' mode.

Monday, April 23, 2012

T Stands For...

talk! You know, chatter chatter, mumble mumble, blah blah, yak yak. I want to talk about talking our way through our stories. While I'm writing, people around me think I'm ZONKERS, ZANY, ODD, PECULIAR, BIZARRE, because if I'm writing dialogue, I'm talking as I type. I learned this from my most favorite author in the world, John Steinbeck. Well, actually he's tied for first place in my heart with Anna Sewell. 
"If you are using dialogue—say it aloud as you write it. Only then will it have the sound of speech." -John Steinbeck 
Is that quote bodacious or what? Isn't he the coolest?? The next time you write dialogue, try it. It really works. Either it will sound easy or strained. Then you can change it as you go. It's much, much better to have your dialogue just so when revising, because your dialogue is right. You know it's right, because you talked your way through the story. For more A to Z, click on my flashy alphabet box at the top of the sidebar. This saved as published and then blogger who hateth me, saved it as a draft. *sob*

Saturday, April 21, 2012

S Stands For...

silly. Webster says that the definition of silly is this- foolish:lacking common sense. Say what?? But I write silly. I am silly. Silly is fun. So he's insinuating that my writing is foolish?? *hangs head* A long time ago silly meant blessed. I think I like that better. Why the change? The transformation began with "blessed" becoming "pious." This led on via "innocent, harmless," "pitiable," and "feeble" to "feeble in mind, foolish." The related Germanselig retains its original meaning "happy, blessed." Egad. I just want my writing to be fun for everyone who reads it. So the next time you stop by, just remember I'm having a great time being silly. For more A to Z click on my flashy alphabet box. It is so cool. Happy weekend. Monday will be brought to you by the letter T. Only seven more to go. :-) This post told me it would publish on this day 1:00AM. It did not save as a draft. I went back this morning when I realized it hadn't posted and YUP, you guessed it. A draft. Grr. *grumble* This has happened about ten other times! *sob* I'm good to you blogger. Why be mean to me??

Friday, April 20, 2012

R Stands For...

Well, I thought about Robyn. But I decided to go with reflections of Robyn. *wonders if she gets an extra point for having two R words* Thinks she can even work three R words into her post. Hmmm. 
Red Robyn's reflections! *pats back*
My reflections come while writing. These reflections are leading me to love my stories. I realize (another R word) that my writing is getting better and better. *finally* I remember (I must really be scoring some points here) how I felt in the beginning. I thought I was the best writer I had ever met. (Boy was I dumb!) I reorganized my time to fit my writing in. It felt real. Like I was supposed to be doing this. Now I will reap (if you're counting, that's eight R words) the benefits of a writer's life. I will never get rich, this I know. But I should be able to take a relaxing vacation every now and then. (Ten) *wonders if she has more R words than anybody in the A to Z* Hmmm.
In other words y'all. Reflect on why you're writing, remember how you wrote at the beginning, realize how much better you are now, and reap the benefits of having your stories read by your reading audience. Be happy. This is a wonderful life. Aren't we lucky?? 
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Perfect Picture Book Friday :-)

I Like Myself

written by Karen BeaumontCatrowHarcourt Children's Books (May 1, 2004)

:Ages 4 and up




I like myself!

I'm glad I'm me.

There's no one else I'd rather be.

I like my eyes, my ears, my nose.

I like my fingers and my toes.


High on energy and imagination, this ode to self-esteem encourages kids to appreciate everything about themselves--inside and out. Messy hair? Beaver breath? So what! Here's a little girl who knows what really matters.
At once silly and serious, Karen Beaumont's joyous rhyming text and David Catrow's wild illustrations unite in a book that is sassy, soulful--and straight from the heart.

Why I loved it: 

 Beautiful rhyme, funny illustrations from Catrow who is a political cartoonist make this book so much fun to read. It teaches self respect. Something everyone needs to have. AWESOME! BODACIOUS! Truly wonderful story.


Great website for kids with games and activities. Click here!

Please check out my pal Susanna Leonard Hill to see more wonderful picture books.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Q Stands For...

quandary!!!! I have a quandary, a catch 22, going on inside my head. Should I leave blogger or stay? Blogger is responsible for the messy post from yesterday. My ONE serious post of the year and stupid blogger messed it up! *grumble* *moan* *bellyache* I'm lookin' for some help here, y'all. My heart says stay. My brain says go. I'm seriously steamed at that blogger. I've decided to leave it to the A to Z crowd. What say you????

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

P Stands For...

Putting Pen To Paper. (My one serious post of the     year) Three of my blogging pals closed up shop at the end of March.They're still around and they are all       writing, but The Literary Lab is no more. This has      caused me to reflect a bit with the letter P. I wanted    to write about what the blogging world has meant to   me. This blog has always been my writerly getaway.  I come here in hopes that I can say something to help  someone. Give hugs, some inspiration, wave to all of  you, or even rant a little. Beth talked me into starting   the  blog. Then she wrote a post asking folks to click over here and give me a follow. Davin Malasarn         (from The   Lit Lab) was my second follower right      after Beth.We forged a friendship. He even tried to     help when Christopher had some serious stuff going    on with his brain disorder. (If you don't know, he's a   scientist) So this is a shout out to Davin, Michelle,       and Scott. Good luck you all. And it's a shout out to all my blogging friends.                                                                                                                                                                                              
The people who come here have given me way more than I could ever give them. The comments have            boosted me, cheered me, and even made me feel the love. My hubby often comments that I act like I really     know these people. I tell him I do. Our blogging community is the best! So I want to say thank you. You guys and gals are the best. GROUP HUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                                                                                        
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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

O Stands For...

*Knock* *Knock*
 *Bang* Bang*
There's a pounding at your door.
You don't hear it? Shhh! Listen.
It's a visitor you've longed to see.
This stranger wants to show you that you're ready to shine. The guest wants to move into your house and show others how active and energetic your writing is.  It's Opportunity! Will you answer the door? Hurry. Opportunity won't wait forever. Take advantage of this time. :-)
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Monday, April 16, 2012

N Stands For...

You thought I'd do name, didn't ya? Fooled you!
At least I spared you from another one of the stories I wrote as a child. You're welcome!  I chose nasty as my word, because I love writing the nasty antagonists into my stories. Aren't they BODACIOUS?! They make the story so much fun to read. I am writing a story with a nasty MC. He does learn some stuff though. But he's so mean. I modeled him from a woman I know in real life. Uh-huh. You ever do that? For more REALLY, REALLY COOL A to Z click on the alphabet box at the top of the sidebar. BTW, isn't that thing cool? It flashes the letters in a fun, flashy way. We should all be flashy sometimes. Flash on, my pals.   :-)                 

Saturday, April 14, 2012

M Stands For...

Which is the title of the story I wrote  when I was seven. My nephews had just tried to take my Barbie dolls heads off! I knew after writing this little diddy, that one day I would be a famous writer. I mean, come on, it's easy to tell. Right?? Oh and 'this place' was my room, my house, my back yard and front yard, and my sidewalk too. My bear dog was my boxer, Bruno. He was huge!
 Mine!!!! Writen by Robyn, the quean of this place!
The evil stupd boys have gone from this place. They wanted to hert what was mine. All of this place is mine. It is all mine. I pulled off their ears and made ear soup. Then I pluckt their noses and fed them to my hungrey bear dog. 
After I ate the soup I smiled at mysellf. I petted my bear dog and he smiled at hisself.
The boys now know you cann't mess with the queen of this place!
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Friday, April 13, 2012

L Stands For...

La-la land. This is mine. After I tell you mine, then you tell me yours. In my la-la land there are thousands of flowers and plenty of green grass. My horses romp and munch all the day long and they never have to eat hay, because the weather always stays a perfect 80 degrees. They never run out of grass either, because it grows right back after they eat it.  I write all day long and the words never fail me. The first drafts are ALWAYS the only drafts I write. (Dang, I'm good!) The publishers bang on my door singing this song, "We loves you Robyn, sign another contract. PLEASE! We need you, Robyn! You are the best writer in the world!"   Okay the song doesn't rhyme, but that's okay with me. I know it rhymes in their hearts.*wink*
Oh, and one more thing. I can eat whatever I want and I never gain a single ounce. Dieting is NOT allowed in my la-la land!
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Perfect Picture Book Friday :-)

The Case of the Vanishing Golden Frogs
Written by Sandra Markle         
Published by Milbrook Press 2011 Suitable for: 
Ages 9 and up                
Instead of the opening, I chose Sandra Markle's Authors note: (from the back of the book, because it's so good!)
"No tale of finding a serial killer could be more exciting than this true story. . . . But the story isn't over yet. The amphibian killer is still at large. Perhaps, one day, one of you will become the science detective who finally stops this killer."
This is a fascinating mystery of an amphibian, the golden frog, who was quickly disappearing from Panama.
Why I loved it:
This is a mystery that the kids will love reading about. It is absolutely fascinating! She shows the importance and the absolute fun that science can bring. The photographs are beautiful, striking really.
Resource and linkage:
First of all, this will further the advance of the importance of conserving nature. It does not just give one scientists opinion. One person sparks another and so on. The book includes a table of contents, ”how to help” section,  glossary, age-appropriate recommended resources, index, and photo credits. From the NSTA website: The Case of the Vanishing Golden Frogs is an excellent portrayal of questioning, observing, hypothesizing, testing, collecting data, analyzing, and asking more questions. It embodies scientific inquiry and brings golden frogs to life for readers. The researchers’ quest to save these frogs continues.  Few remain in the forests of Panama; most exist only in aquariums. Readers may become involved in the efforts to save frogs worldwide by following the tips for helping local frogs as well as investigating the global rescue efforts. 
For more awesome picture books head over to Susanna Leonard Hill's place.  

Thursday, April 12, 2012

K Stands For...

  kaleidoscope. A kaleidoscope is a complex pattern, a changing scene. I like to think of my writing like this. It's a complex pattern that I weave, so that my readers can enjoy themselves in the worlds that I create for my characters. My writing is a changing scene. And all the scenes come together to make one BODACIOUS story. How do you view your writing? Click on the alphabet block in the sidebar for more A to Z posts. :-)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

J Stands For...

the joyously jovial job of writing my heart out. I would write if no one read my words. I would write if I were the only person on earth. (If I had enough paper.) I write because I am! (Whoa!) Pretty powerful, isn't it? You ask me if I mean that I would write for myself, even if no one wanted to read the words? Yep! Because I love reading what I've created. (You're thinking I have a swelled head, aren't ya?) Nope! I  love reading too. And if I were the only person on earth, I would have to write some stuff for me to read. What does writing mean to you? :-) For more A to Z posts, click on the alphabet square on the top of my sidebar (Isn't it cool? It flashes letters. Ooo) *waving and singing*

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I Stands For...


 imagine! Today we feature a talk between Imagine and Real. (A little background here) Imagine is happily singing a song about tiptoeing through the tulips or something like that. Real is making a choking motion as he listens to Imagine. 
"How can you sing that disturbing song?" Real has his tongue out, like he's about to, well you know. (He's just pretending)
"I love that song, Real. You need to cut loose and think about all the things your life can become."
"Get Real!" Real smirks as he walks toward Imagine.
"You'd be much happier and your writer could finally build bodacious worlds for her readers to travel through, if you would just let go."
"Let go? I can't do that. I have to keep my writer and me in the R-E-A-L world, bub. There is no such thing as a fairy tale ending and world building for my writer. How many times do I have to tell you? She writes non-fiction." 
Our words have the power peeps. No matter what we write. We create kings and queens. Planets and stars. Just imagine...


Monday, April 9, 2012

H Stands For...

habdabs. Now I know you're thinkin', "What on earth is she talkin' about??"
I'll say it again! Habdabs. Isn't that a funny word to say? That is one cool word. (Go ahead, giggle, laugh, snicker, cackle, I'll wait!) It means fear, apprehension, the heebie-jeebies!
We all have fear in life. Especially writers. We put our heart and soul into our work only for someone (those precious CP's and betas, gotta love 'em, MWAH!) to tear it down. For our own good. I'm thinkin' I must be a loony tune to set myself up for all that grief. I know that some of you are nodding at my loony tune remark. *shakes head*
But we learn from our helpers. I like to call them my helper bees. They show me where I'm missing the mark. They nudge me in the right direction.
So shake those habdabs! (What a bodacious word!)
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Saturday, April 7, 2012

G Stands For...

          Gab (I was going to do it on grammar. But grammar bugs me, so...) 
 Yak, yak, gab, gab, yada, yada, yada! What does all this mean?? Dunno. 
 Of course I know. You really don't think I would sit here typing with nothin' to say, do ya? 
I know people who can talk the hind legs off a donkey. I like to listen to those folks. While I'm at the coffee shop, in line at the grocery story, shopping at the mall. When I listen, I learn stuff. Stuff like cadence, when they take their natural pauses, and their distinct expressions. It helps me in my writing. Try it. 
See? I told you I had something to say. Have a beautiful weekend.  See you Monday which will be brought to you by the H. (I've always wanted to say that!)
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Friday, April 6, 2012

F Stands For...

fable! (Or could be called my feeble, fumbling, futile, fusty, fuzzy attempt at fable)

Spider watched Ant carry his heavy load along the window ledge. 
"Come and rest your heavy load in my web," The cunning spider said.

The cautious ant who had no time for the spider's games replied, "No thank you Spider. I can haul ten times this weight without getting tired. But I would ask you to show me how you spin such a grand web as this."
The spider who loved to brag, began to weave through his web, becoming tangled in his own deceit. 
He turned to Ant and said, "This is my fault. I tried my devilish deception to trap you, for I am hungry, but it is you who tricked me."
*Robyn ducks, expecting the crowd to throw bottles and banana peelings her way*

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Perfect Picture Book Friday :-)

Animal Sound Mix-up
Written by Connie Arnold illustrated by Kit Grady (North Carolina gals)
Guardian Angel Publishing                        
Suitable For:
Ages 4 and up
Animal sounds and why animals make the sounds they do
What if a lion said meow. . .
or if a donkey said bow-wow?
Wouldn't it seem quite funny now
if they became mixed up somehow?
What if a mouse began to roar,
wouldn't it seem stronger than before?
Or if an elephant gave a squeak
might it seem to be quite weak?
Synopsis: (From the back of the book)
Can you imagine what the world would be like if animals each made completely different sounds than expected? That would be such an amazing surprise, and how crazy it would seem if this were to happen! 
Why I loved it:
Connie has quite a way with words in this precious story and Kit's art is bright and vivid and the characters come to life in this wonderful book. The rhyme is beautiful and the story covers all types of animals.
This book can be very useful in teaching beginning sounds to young kidlets and teaching them the real sounds that the animals make. And Guardian Angel Publishing has a free stuff link that has lots of coloring pages.
To check out more fun picture books go here, Over to Susanna Leonard Hill's house.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

E Stands For...

Said the chapter to the writer, "Have you noticed what happens when you write with abandon? Check out the 'Tom Swifties' inside your story.  "Fire!" yelled Mac alarmingly, and what about this one, "It looks like elephant dung," said Marguerite in Zulu, I mean really, Writer. What must you have been thinking?"
"Hmmm," said Writer to the chapter, "I'm thinking that only the author of Gulliver's Travels could get away with that kind of murder."
"My thoughts exactly, Writer. Should I make a pot of coffee in preparation for an entire night of editing?"
"Better make that some chocolate Bliss and two pots of coffee, Chapter."
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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

D stands for...

description, dialogue and the never ending feud!
It was a cool summer day that found Description and Dialogue embroiled in another quarrel.
Description rode in on her horse and appeared madder than a mosquito in a mannequin factory.
She jumped to the ground and pulled a gun from her holster.
"I'm calling you out, Dialogue!"
Dialogue sauntered out of his tent grinning from quotation mark to quotation mark. "What say you, Description?"
"I'm saying that fiction needs me more than you! That's what I'm talkin' about!"
Dialogue had grown tired of these disputes as evidenced by his yawn that day. "Description, why don't we call a truce? I'm tired of these shootouts we've been having."
Description claimed she won the battle and Dialogue didn't mind. He knew deep down that his writer needed him more. :-)
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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

C stands for...

cat! *shakes head*

cake!! *nata*

cuckoo!!! Hmm. People might think so.

characters. *nods*
"I notice the minimal physical description of your characters in the stories you write," Robyn said. "What gives?"
I show the story, I don't want to overwhelm my readers with detail that they can figure out by themselves." Ernest replied.
"But don't my readers need to know the color of hair, how tall my characters are, and the rest of the details I want to tell them?"
"My dear Robyn, it's just as you have said. You want to tell them these things, instead of letting the readers decide on their own."
"Ahhh." Robyn sat back and finished reading "Hills Like White Elephants" marveling at the description that wasn't in the story. 
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Monday, April 2, 2012

B stands for...

Robyn and herself were having a chat one day. 
"Self, I have a story inside me just itching to get out. I've heard the statistics. They're staggering. About 80% of all Americans want to write a book. What should I do about this strange occurrence?" Robyn asked.
"Are the voices inside your head screaming to get out? Do you feel the need to sit down and type all the day long? Do you want to kill Mrs. Adverb and even her son, Adjective?" Self asked a lot of probing questions. 
The day after this talk with Self, Robyn sat down at the keyboard and people popped out of her head and onto the computer screen. She laughed and laughed at all the fun she was having. 
"Self!" She called. "I am thrilled to tell you my fingers are dancing across the keyboard. It is a most gripping experience!"
Self glanced her way and winked.
She grinned and decided to take life one page at a time.
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Sunday, April 1, 2012

It's Baacckk! Good ol' A TO Z!

This year my topic will be on writing. Since I write stories, I thought that would be an interesting topic.*wink*
A stands for Adverbs and Adjectives! 

Mrs. Adverb searched for her son Adjective in the waning daylight. She turned down Hollis Street, her arms swung wildly as she moved closer to their home. She remembered how Robyn had killed her husband in the last story she had written. She came off the street and faced her front porch holding her breath, hoping beyond hope that the writer had not gotten to her only son.
Adjective raced into her arms recounting his tale of how he escaped near death in another of Robyn's stories.
She heard him say, "Robyn won't rest until we're all dead!"

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