Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Do kids prefer single POV novels? And what about agents/editors? Do they prefer them? These questions were posted on a list serve that I'm on and I decided it was worth discussing. Is it okay to tell a historical novel in multiple POVS? That is done frequently, isn't it? And what about other genres? YA romance? Contemporary, for example. One or two POVs? I know that a change between two main characters is done, alternating chapters, and done repeatedly. In my MG book, I have to change POV as I switch to another setting. But there are just two POVs in the book. It keeps going back to these two characters. Some books switch between two POVS every chapter.

It makes me wonder what editors think about alternating POVs. And the most important question, what do the readers think about it. Is it confusing to them? Certainly not to the YA audience, but what about MGers? Which do the readers prefer?


  1. I don't think it matters, as long as the POV is done well.

    Honestly, I never noticed POV until I started writing. I think what is natural for the story and the voice of the story is the best option. I've seen it work well either way.

  2. I think Beth is right about the POV done well. The views have to be distinct enough, different slang or expressions, switch to a very different emotion/setting when the next POV starts to make it more apparent to beginning MG readers. With an MG WIP I have I was wondering if a different font for chapter headings would help, as I start a new chapter when I switch POV.

    Sometimes it works great and seems to add SO much more dimension--but I've read books that just make it confusing and I'll have to re-read stuff because I'm trying to figure out what I'm missing until I figure out we've switched to another POV. (Mostly when I was an MG'er myself, but I still remember the confusion...)


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