Friday, April 3, 2009

I live on a farm, and well, it's farming season again. Time to get out the hoe and do a little backbreaking work. It's all good though. The fresh veggies and exercise will help me stay healthy.

My twenty three year old son has a rare brain disorder (though he is doing great) he needs to have some laser surgery done, because his gums are going to grow over his teeth(one of the affects of Sturge-Weber Syndrome). Please send a prayer up to God for him. I love Christopher so very much and he truly inspires me with his courage. Thanks for praying.

There doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day. I blogged that I would be writing in the midnight hour and that time has come. I'll let you know how it works for me. I already have my next novel in the planning stages and I will be thrilled to get started on it. It will be a YA book. It seems to me like writers are always planning the next book even before they're finished with the current one. Is it just me? Do you make plans for the next story even if it's in your head and not on paper? It gives me a release to think about the next one. Sometimes I need that. :)

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  1. Oh, I definitely do this! I have an entire folder of story ideas that are outlined and to be written. When an idea pops into my head, can't not write it down because I'd never remember it later. I'm sure this has slowed me down on my current WIP, but now I have so many ideas ready that I won't have to worry about what to write next for a long time.

    I think I know which of my TBW (To Be Written) files is going to be my next project, well unless the writing gremlin gives me another fun idea that I end up liking more, lol!

  2. That's funny, Willow because I'm being driven crazy by my next GREAT novel before I even finish the first one. Great minds DO think alike!

  3. I'm wishing you the best for the laser surgery! I hope everything goes super-smoothly for your son.

    I get ideas for new stories, but they usually intimidate me. (More work!) So, I just try to push them out of my head most of the time. Only the strongest ideas survive me and distract me.

  4. Thanks Davin! I appreciate and am thankful for your good wishes for my son.

    I hear you about those strong ideas. This one is POTENT! I am so anxious to get started on it.

  5. I'm the same way, Robyn! You saw how quick I dropped TAD for the new scifi! :)

    Hope your son's surgery goes well. I'll be praying.


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