Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I know that I've been MIA

Between my son's health problems and the horse I've been MIA or MIB(missing in blogosphere). Then today I heard of a mother in our area whose husband left her and the three kids and went back to Ohio. Good riddance to BAD, BAD RUBBISH! He left them homeless, with no car and the wife has no job. A church has put them up in a motel for a week, but it's one of the most disgusting motels in our area. Drug dealers and prostitutes frequent this place. But the church is poor and had no money for one of the nicer motels. So I've been trying to figure out what we at this house can do to help. I can't stand the thought of this woman and her children going through this.

I'm going to comment some and I'll blog tomorrow. Prayers are needed for this family. I'd love to run into this fellow sometime. Hmm, he wouldn't stand a chance. I'm putting him in my book. I'll kill him off! Yeah! *she shakes fists at this vermin*


  1. Wow. It makes me so thankful for what I have.
    Yes, prayers.

  2. My heart and prayers go out to them. I hope your little guy and horse get doing better as well. :D

  3. Thanks Val!:)

    Dany-thanks girl! Hey, I didn't know you home schooled. Me too! :)

  4. Human beings never cease to amaze me. I hope you will find a way to participate in helping these folks.

  5. !

    Awesome! It's hard some days, but wonderful all the same. :)

  6. Wow, what an awful, awful man. I hope there's a way to help this family out.

  7. Dany: It is awesome. I've graduated two. On my last. :)

    BJ: Agreed! And we will find a way. Thanks. :)


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