Wednesday, August 5, 2009


This is for all my bloggy buds! Apologies and virtual chocolate fudge cookies all around. The hospital trips took the toll on me. I have been minus any energy for a week. So I just have been LAZY. Not really done anything. Which is unlike me. I just got to where it was a job to drag the ol' bod out of bed in the morning. Taking into account I got a new mattress. My dream mattress. A tempur pedic. Woohoo! That thing is just sooo lovely!

Anyway, I'm back at it and please accept my apologies. I love each and every one of you so very much.

I am still taking my son to Chapel Hill, but resting before and after. So I don't get rundown like that ever again. :) After all he needs a mama that is healthy. We still don't have any news on what could be wrong, but we need prayers for him that's for sure.

The horse Zelda has lost a lot of weight. But we're hoping that she won't have to be put down. YAYYAY!

I'm sorry and I'm visiting everyone that I can today. Watch out! Here I come. :)

Thanks. :)


  1. Silly Robyn. Take care of yourself and your son. We'll keep. I miss you, but you have a ton of things on your plate right now. Your family's in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for being the awesome person that you are!

  2. Just take care of yourself and your family. You're in my thoughts and prayers!

  3. Don't worry about us! Your health and that of your loved ones is far more important than dropping by our blogs. : ) Take care.


  4. Love those virtual cookies! No time in the kitchen for you and no calories for us! Please take care of yourself and lots of good thoughts coming your way for your son.

  5. I'll definitely send prayers your way. And get some rest! Keep healthy :)

  6. Good luck and prayers your way!

  7. Robyn, you are such a sweetheart. Really, you deserve every prayer offered up to you. And I'm offering many!

    Please please don't apologize for missing blogs! I appreciate it when you can stop by, and understand when you can't.


  8. Sometimes you just need a break. And I'm so glad things are looking up for Zelda.

  9. Glad to see you posting. Take good care of yourself and know your son is in my prayers.


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