Thursday, November 5, 2009

We're at the Cardiologist today

I will stop by to visit everyone as soon as I have a chance. They are keeping us very busy with testing, so it might be later on today or tonight. I hope everyone has a wonderful day. :) But...

I have often wondered about this approach. Click here to read the answer. No time? I'll tell you then. :) Yes! It says that readers who view sample book chapters online are more likely to purchase the book. It also says that women spend nearly 70 percent more time browsing books online than men do. Say what? :) What say you my writerly man blogging friends? :) My writerly women blogging friends? I'd say that I agree with that statement unless it's
Scott or Davin or any other writerly men. :)


  1. Hello friend! I'm still praying for you and your family. I'm continually amazed at your strength and perseverence through this time. I thank you for your inspiration.

    Good article-thank you for sharing, the information is comforting, though I'm still panicking a little about all things online-I'm still not completely caught up to today's technology! LOL

  2. Yo, you know my thoughts are with you.

    Kindle allows me to download a sample chapter. I've probably bought more books because of this option. Definitely a draw for me to immerse myself partially into the book before I buy. Then again, I've been known to find a comfy chair in Borders and read a chapter or two before buying . . . or not!

    Hope things go well! That little tickling sensation in the back of your mind is my providing encouragement!

  3. Ooops, hit send to soon. In my experience, more women then men read. My partner Frank has probably read four books in the 15 years I've known him. I've read a ton more than that. My father never read a fiction book after he got out of school. He did read some non-fiction and the encylopedias from front to back. So, for the most part, women read, men don't other than us clevelry writer men!


  4. I do love reading online chapter samples.

  5. I my experience, it all sounds true. I've bought a whole series of books because I was able to read excerpts on line. And I don't know a lot of men readers. There's mostly women-readers in my little corner of the world!

  6. Hope it goes well today. Thoughts with you, always.
    I like to read samples, because I know if I like the style and story before plunking down money.

  7. Hope everything is fine. I don't browse online, but I definitely browse a lot at the book store, that's why I always go alone.

    I have to say I don't I'm more likely to buy a book after reading on line chapters, in fact I think I'm less likely.

  8. Hugs Robyn - hope all goes well at cardiologist!

  9. I'll be thinking about you today. Take care.


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