Monday, March 15, 2010

Unplugged? Say what?

Uh, er, well, I came back to mention to you about Kristi's super cool kids contest. Get in on the action. The winner could be you. Or me. =)

Contest runs until April Fools Day. Which happens to be my dad's birthday.

Go on enter. You know you wanna. Aren't contests cool? =)

See you the day after Easter which is my target date to start querying. Uh, yeah, I'm a little behind. As usual.


  1. Go, Robyn, go! Hope you have a very productive week!

  2. Have a great week and thanks for the shout out!!

  3. *hugs* Have a great week, Robyn!
    *cookies and sunshine*

  4. You go, girl!

    Hey! I've sent you three e-mails and am worried you aren't gettin' 'em. Perhaps I'm in your trash? Sob. Sob.

  5. I left a comment letting her know you referred me! Have a productive and happy week. Miss ya! :-)

  6. You're always up on all the latest cool contests. You're just awesome like that. Enjoy unplugged week!

  7. Good luck! Hope you'll have a very productive unplugged week, and good luck on your querying journey. :]

  8. omg good luck!! so excited for you!!

    fingers crossed for your success!!


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