Monday, October 18, 2010

Question for you

Computer is going and thanks to all my writerly pals that sent me their support and advice. For one thing, everything will be backed up thrice. The thing that hurt the worst was loosing my writing and family pictures. The pictures are gone forever, because someone wanted to hurt a fellow human being. Well he/she got their wish. My entire family was hurt by the loss of our pictures. Ivy went to see Taylor Swift over the summer and those pics (of her with Taylor's band) are all gone. I feel responsible, because I put off backing up. :(

My question for you is this: What is the best movie adaptation of a children's book. Or the absolute worst. I have wanted to do this post ever since Where The Wild Things Are came out. Yeah, I'm a little slow.

As most of you know, my favorite book of all time is: Black Beauty. But NONE of the movies adapted from this book HAVE ever done it justice. Say STINKO with me.

Sea Biscuit was one of the best. And I thought The Black Stallion series was done fairly well. 
What did you all think of  The Cat In The Hat? Pinocchio? Eragon? All of the Harry Potter books? Diary of a Wimpy Kid? The Jungle Book? Little Women? Matilda?

Do you have any picks for  the BEST or WORST? Speak to me. :)


  1. Robyn, I find that when books are adapted into movies, there is a lot of deviation and script changes. I always feel that movies seldom do justice to the books. Its better to read the book first and then watch the movie.

  2. I totally agree, Rachna. And that's what I tell my kids. Read the book first. Then when they watch the movie, they're amazed at my smartness. *grin*

  3. Glad your computer is back up. Sorry to hear about losing the files. My hard drive went a while back and I lost a lot of photos too.

    I loved Little Women, and always liked Nancy Drew and Trixie Belden. Another fave book was Island of the Blue Dolphin (think that was the title, I can picture the cover...:)Also liked most of L.M. Montgomery's books.

    Have a wonderful week!

  4. Hey Karen! You feel my pain, I see. Sorry about your loss of photos. THAT IS THE WORST. Then all my picture book stories. I'm still hurting about all of this.

    I am looking at a Trixie Belden book right now. Getting ready to reread it. Did they make them into movies? You have a wonderful week, too. *hugs* and whole lotta love. :)

  5. Just popping in to give you a ((((HUG)))) on your computer disaster! :( So sorry you lost all those photos.

    A hug as usual to my man Christopher and, because we don't like to see you sad, another BIG hug to you ((((Robyn))))

  6. Dang, I'm sorry about the family photos. That sucks big time. :(
    I just added a comment to the other post (sorry I haven't been reading blogs for a few days) about an addtional software my computer guys put on my computers.
    Uusually, I'm disappointed in movies made from books. Sometimes only mildly but other times I'm majorly peeved.
    I was pleased with Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings.

  7. Judy, love, love, love the HUGS. They make me feel soooo much better. Christopher sends ALL his love. You know that he loves ya. :) And me too. I loves ya loads and loads. Hugs right back.

  8. Pat, I need to head over to your blog too. And believe me, I UNDERSTAND. Look how horrible I am about making it around. I read your comment and will have that added PRONTO. I need all the extra protection I can get.

    Lord of the Rings was done well, wasn't it? I am usually disappointed too. :) Hugs Pat.

  9. I remember both screen adaptations to Tuck Everlasting as being a pretty good. On the older side--I think The Outsiders is done well. That's what comes to mind for me.

  10. Great ones, Paul. I'd forgotten about Tuck Everlasting and the Outsiders. :)

  11. So sorry to hear about your pictures. That would be awful.

    All of the suggestions have been really good. Outsiders for old movie and I loved Where the Wild Things Are, although my daughter didn't.

  12. Patti, thanks girly. It has been AWFUL. :(

    Loved Where the Wild Things Are, but the book was better.

  13. The first and second Harry Potter movies were practically spot on, which was super cool!

  14. Best = HP or LOTR
    Worst = Inkheart (no question)

    Look at that sidebar, Robyn! Sandy Shin is your 400th follower!! Woo-hoo! Congrats! :-)

  15. Hey Katie! I agree with you on those two. Don'tcha love it when they make the movie as close to the novel as possible? :)

  16. Shannon, I gots a ways to go to catch up with you, pal. Thanks for the congrats, though. It do feel goood.

    And Inkheart was AWFUL. And I mean AWFUL IN A AWFUL KINDA WAY. :)

  17. I am still in a royal snit for anyone destroying any part of your happiness.


    Pinocchio and The Cat in the Hat are wonderful animations. I'm a big kid at heart and love colorful animations.

    Little Women is an all time favorite. I prefer the old movie with Katherine Hepburn.

    Black Beauty I have read and enjoyed it so much. I was a big Nancy Drew fan too.

    So thankful your computer is up and running!

    P.S.: I'm so happy to have internet again I'm not unpacking! Tonight.....I'll start tonight, honest! :))

    You all have a wonderful day.

  18. Sorry to hear about losing your writing and family pictures - ouch!

    Great question about movie adaptations of children's books. I know they diverge a little from the books, but I really enjoy the Harry Potter movies. My other favorite adaptations are Escape to Witch Mountain by Alexander Key, and The Witches, by Roald Dahl (Anjelica Huston is SO scary in that!)

  19. Sandi, I love your royal snits. STINKO is right. The piece of crumminess. :)

    I'm a sucker for animation too. Love the Little Women with Kate. She's my favorite actress. Her and Bette Davis. I had cows named after them. And one bull named Bogie. :)

    The unpacking can wait. :) You'll get to it. I know you will. :)


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