Saturday, December 4, 2010

From Kate McRae's mama, Holly

 Kate STILL has shown NO sign of new cancer in her brain. There is something on the scan that they are watching. Please pray and read this from her mama Holly. (A super woman, I might add.) She needs any help that you might be able to give for families of children fighting the same rare brain cancer that Kate has. There are about fifteen families that Holly and Aaron(Kate's daddy) want to help this Christmas. A couple of the families lost their children to this cancer in 2010. Here's the address if you would like to help:
 Kate’s Crazy Cool Christmas, c/o 1437 W Auto Dr Tempe, AZ 85284. THANK YOU!!!!

"Kate now calls me her "emotional momma". The Christmas drive continues to resurface the many emotions this journey can bring. Diving in with other families, makes us revisit our own questions, fears and blessings. At times I have to do some of the work for it in the quiet of the night so the tears can fall unseen. And yet, there is nothing that seems more fitting than journeying with others, and assisting them around Christmas. A month crucial to our faith, and the month we celebrate Kate's birthday. So thank you for honoring Kate and her upcoming 7th birthday (December 26th) by loving on other families battling cancer this Christmas season. It is very special and personal to our family.

I know I sound repetitive, but we love hearing your stories as you donate. I am often surprised and moved how God moves hearts through tragedy. Oftentimes the people who donate are those who themselves have been touched by tragedy of some kind. Maybe individuals see the need more profoundly if they themselves have walked in similiar shoes, or if they have been on the receiving end of someones generosity at some point.

So I have some more requests tonight, unfortunately not all of them. Bear with us, as we wait to hear from the other social workers with the final lists of some other families. I do want to tell you of another family you are helping tonight. This is a young man fighting the same type of tumor as Kate. Many of you might know, it is extremely rare. I am trying to collaberate with other families with this diagnosis and have around 15. There is no one else at our hospital with the same diagnosis (that we know of) and we have only met one other family in person with the same diagnosis. So when a need arises within this small circle, let's just say it does feel personal.

So Nick is 14 and battling a recurrent PNET. As he was finishing treatment 3 new tumors were found. He is just starting an experimental study in hopes to finally beat this. His mother told me that Nick has followed Kate's journey. He rejoiced with her newest great news, despite receiving some of the most devastating news himself. He is currently not in school as he is recovering from a most recent brain surgery and from the side effects of previous surgeries and treatments. His spirit has stayed strong despite fighting a very uphill battle. Please join me in helping to love on him this Christmas!

Items we can use for multiple families
~gift cards to department stores.... many families are in need of clothes and winter coats
~Target gift cards seem to be a favorite!
~art supplies for all ages
~new release movies
~again itunes gift cards for the older kids
~kids games, especially kids sequence, guess who, monopoly, lego games etc.
~lego sets
~princess things
~gas gift cards!
~ballerina stuff
~Thomas the train stuff
~nintendo ds games! (especially mario games)
~wii games
~country music cds
~Fry's food grocery gift cards
~Walmart gift cards
~Macys gift cards
Pleae keep in mind multiple children have visual impairments due to brain surgery. So be creative when thinking of ideas!

We also have a few very specific one time requests... (email me at if wishing to fufill these)
*a medium adult mens snow jacket
*size 6-7 boys winter coat and hat
*size 7-8 girls winter coat and hat
*Kohl's gift cards
*I also have requests for a few larger items. If you would like the details please email me.

The parents are all desiring help with gas and groceries this Christmas. Thank you for donating! We are excited to bless these families as they fight through very difficult days! Please spread the word so we can stay available to any last minute local needs! I will continue updating ideas as they come in! And again if you would like to fufill a separate specific request email with SPECIFIC REQUEST with an amount you would like to spend and we will send you a request to fulfill. If you have done so we will be sending you yours shortly. Again thank you for your generosity!"


  1. Bless you for caring and posting.

    They have what I have to give, my prayers!

    So glad for the positive news for Kate.


  2. Thanks for posting this list? What about books?

  3. This a very heart rending post Robyn and just like the wild magnolia all the children you mention will be in my thoughts and prayers !

  4. My prayers will be with them too Robyn.


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