Sunday, December 11, 2011

Julie Hedlund's story and contest

Please click over here and vote for Julie's story, A Troop is a Group of Monkeys. Her story is excellent and she can win the chance to be published. So let's all gather round and support this beautiful lady. Then enter her awesome contest right here and have a chance to win some mighty lovely prizes. The grand prize being mine. *ahem* Providing my name gets chosen. *snort*

Have an beautiful day, folks.  :-)


  1. Aww, I tried to vote but you have to have a Facebook account :-(

  2. Thanks Robyn! Your support means a lot to me! I'll pop back in if people have questions or comments. Thanks again!! :-)

  3. Unfortunately I've deleted my Facebook account so can't vote for Julie.
    I'd like to wish her the best of luck though:)

  4. Oh Robyn,

    Can I share the grand prize with you?

    All the best to Julie!

  5. Wow, great stuff here! A chance to vote for a fellow writer and a chance to win a prize. Thanks for the opportunity to do both. On my way over to vote now. Love this post!

    I just dropped by to say hello. Hope you have an incredible Week!

  6. Thanks dellgirl and Romance Reader! Appreciate your votes and support!

  7. @Sarah, Thanks anyway. *waving*

    @Julie, I loved doing it. Your story deserves to win.

    @Paul, Appreciate the thoughts, my friend.

    @Riya, Share?? What'z that?? :-) Thanks for your vote. *smiling*

    @Leona, Have a great week too. And thanks for voting for Julie. :-)

  8. I voted. Good luck. Crossing my fingers that you'll get a prize.

    Have a great week.

  9. @Medeia @Nas - Thank you! I'm honored to have your votes! :-)


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