Sunday, October 7, 2012

Do you know Deborah Heal???

Be here Thursday October 11th for a stop on Deborah Heal's virtual book tour.  Her YA book, Unclaimed Legacy is bodaciously and beautifullly written, peeps. (Like my alliteration?) 

Here's a peep: Abby's weird computer program is working again. And it comes in handy when they agree to help the Old Dears next door with their family tree. Except Abby and John learn more about one of the ladies' ancestors than they ever wanted to know. Convicted in 1871 of murder and arson, Reuben Buchanan is a blight on the family's reputation. But was he really guilty? Abby and John get inside the mind of a murderer to find out.

But while they're rummaging around in the Old Dears' family history, they discover the truth of God's promise to bless a thousand generations... and a legacy waiting to be reclaimed. 

You gotta read this.

Next week I'll review two books and coming soon: An interview with the fabulous, funky, funny (there I go again), gal Lynn Kelley. Her book, Curse of the Double Digits is out now. Any kidlets ages 5-9? Then they will have to read it. Go visit Amazon for a Curse of the Double Digits.


  1. Deborah's book sounds intriguing.

    I look forward to your reviews.

  2. Thanks for the info ... Looking forward to the reviews!

  3. Will be back to check out your posts. :)

  4. Yes, Deborah's book does sound great. Best wishes to Deborah and congrats on her book release.

    What a nice surprise, Robyn, to see your plug for my book! I love amazing, awesome, alliteration. Always! Also, just gotta say that you really, really rock, Robyn!
    Fer reals! :)

  5. Deborah's book sounds interesting.

  6. Deborah's books sounds intriguing.

    Robyn, hope you will not delete this blog.

  7. I will certainly be checking back for this :) Thanks for the heads up.

  8. I love alliteration, too, Robyn. A callithumpian, wow! I'd never heard of it before and now I'm an official callithumpian! Cool! Crazy, cuckoo, corny callithumpian. Okay, it's getting late and I'm being silly.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you for featuring me on your blog. You made this tons of fun!

    Love the review! You rock, rambunctious, rip-roaring, rare & radiant, Robyn. Really! guild wars 2 gold
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