Monday, July 1, 2013

Lenny to The Rescue

The Fourth Of July Secret Mystery Writing Contest over at Susanna Hill's house. (Which I stupidly thought I could enter, easy peasy.) Remind me the next time I think I want to do something, to go soak my head. Thanks. This is my entry. I wanted to say that someone hijacked my blog and put it up. It's THAT embarrassing. *sigh*

So. For your laughing pleasure I give you my entry. BLEH! Titled Lenny to The Rescue.

“Mr. Thomas, you sent for me?” Lenny asked.

“Yes Lenny, we have a problem.” Mr. Thomas took deep breaths and sat down. He pulled out a handkerchief, and wiped his face. “That document I've been writing is gone! I've searched this room from top to bottom. Can you help me find it?”

“Yes sir. We have to find those papers, Mr. Thomas, sir.” Lenny gave Mr. Thomas a smile as he turned and left the room.

Lenny glanced back at the closed door and shook his head.

Poor Mr. Thomas has worked his fingers to the bone. I have to help him find them, Lenny thought. He’s worked for almost three weeks, all day and every day. But what can I do? I’m just a kid?

Lenny paced in the hallway. “Please let us find it,” he muttered.

He walked into the kitchen. “Miss Sally, did you take Mr. Thomas his tea and biscuits this morning?”

“Yes, as always. Why do you ask?”

“Did you touch anything besides the tray in the parlor?” Lenny raised his eyebrows.

“No sir, Lenny. I just set the tray down and came on back to the kitchen to clean up.”

“Thank you, Miss Sally.” Lenny rubbed the back of his neck.

He searched the rooms that Mr. Thomas rented, rummaging through the drawers. He wrinkled his forehead as he walked to the parlor to tell Mr. Thomas he’d failed.

Lenny tripped over Patches who slept near the door to the parlor. “Patches! What are you doing sleeping there, you rascally mutt?” The dog rolled over asking for a belly rub. Lenny reached down to give him a quick pat and noticed smooshed papers jutting out from under Patches. 

Lenny gently tugged at it.

Patches wiggled and rolled off the papers.

His heart pounded as he rushed into the parlor.

“Mr. Thomas, Mr. Thomas. Patches had them. He must have taken them because he missed you. You worked so hard on the document, you haven’t played fetch with him for weeks.” Lenny handed the papers to Mr. Thomas.

“Lenny, my boy! You’ve saved the day. This is the only copy declaring our independence from Britain. Later today Congress votes on it.” He reached down and patted Patches on the head.

Lenny stretched and smiled as he proudly stood beside Mr. Thomas Jefferson that day as the colonies voted they were no longer bound to England.

We've been dealing with some problems with Christopher. A headache that he's had for five weeks, nausea, and weight loss. So that's why the blog has been stagnant. I will try to post more though. Promise. 


  1. I liked it! Tied in with the Fourth of July and our independence.
    Prayers for Christopher.

  2. Oh wow! What an utterly cool twist at the end! Yay you!

    Hope Christopher is soon better!

  3. I loved this, Robyn! It gave me the feel of a detective story. Then it was so sweet that the dog missed his master. Then to find out who his master is! It's a terrific tale mixing mystery, history and the holiday. Great job!

  4. This is GREAT, Robyn! Gee whiz, all that hemming and hawing and I can't write a mystery! I think you did a terrific job, and I was surprised to find out it was Thomas Jefferson! WEll done! And thanks for entering even though you've had so many other things on your mind lately.

  5. Hi Robyn .. I thoroughly enjoyed that - and what a great twist at the end .. fun to read. Patches, patches!

    I do hope Christopher's challenges can be eased soon .. and a little peace with less soul worrying can be with you ..

    I've been thinking about you both and the family .. life is never easy .. all the very best - the main thing is we're here, when you feel like a quick post or update ..

    Fun to read ... blessings for all else .. Hilary

  6. Great story of Thomas Jefferson. I assume you made this bit up at the end?

  7. This is so fun. So glad you included Lenny.

    So sorry about Christopher. I'm so hoping he feels better soon. Hang in there!

  8. I think this is sweet! Perfect timing for this week. I hope Christopher feels better.

  9. Robin, dear, you are far too modest! I think this is a fabulous story! Love how it ties in with the very first Fourth of July (or the idea of it). You clever, clever woman!

  10. Oh and sending my healing thoughts and love for Christopher too! I was too busy gushing about your story in my other comment...

  11. As a history buff, I l enjoyed your story very much. I'm so glad someone in this contest was brave enough to tie mystery into history.

  12. You did a wonderful job giving the voices a historic feel - I was transported in time!

  13. Robyn...what a masterful job! Weaving in historical figures, you produced a suspenseful tale with a wonderful surprise ending...fabulous!
    Sending prayers and love to Christopher.

  14. Brilliant Robin!

    I do hope Christopher feels better soon.

  15. This is awesome, Robyn! And so clever to get both celebrations in. Best wishes for Christopher x

  16. Great twist, Robyn! Love it! I hope you win.

    Poor Christopher. My heart goes out to him. And to you, Bestie. Still praying. Hugs and sugar pops. XOXO

  17. Mystery and history, nice angle! Well done.

    Best wishes for Christopher.

  18. Interesting twist.

    Hope that Christoper is feeling better soon.

  19. Nice! I was wondering how this tied into Independence Day! :D

  20. I loved it, Robyn! With no pictures when you get to the end it is a surprise who Mr. Thomas is and what the papers are. :) Well done!

    I hope Christopher's new doctor is a big help. (((hugs)))

  21. I love this! We just got back from a Washington DC vacation a couple weeks ago and one of the places we visited was Monticello, Thomas Jefferson's estate. Fascinating man!

  22. What a marvelous idea! I loved how you wrote in historical figures to demonstrate your story.

    My prayers are with Christopher. :)

  23. Very clever, Robyn! Imagine what might have happened if Patches had eaten the document. No saving it on the desktop in those days!!

  24. Good thing Mr. Thomas didn't have a pet rabbit...that paper would have been shredded!! Wonderful variation.

    I hope Christopher is doing okay. Our daughter suffered from headaches...much of it was allergies to gluten...took us a long time to determine. Will keep you and Christopher in prayers.

  25. Really neat how you made this a historical mystery! Dogs named Patches should always be treated with caution: I got bit by one!

  26. I sympathize. Writing a mystery was much harder than it sounded, but kept me guessing to the end. I do love a good twist! Great job.

  27. Clever story!! Blame it on the dog :•) Please keep us posted on Christopher.

  28. Love that Mr. Thomas is Thomas Jefferson! A unique take on a Declaration of Independence story! Nice work.

  29. Oh, Robyn, this is wonderful! I really enjoyed it, thanks for sharing it.

    I just stopped by to say hello and to wish you a wonderful weekend.

  30. That Patches!

    This is cute. I was feeling for poor Lenny. I wonder where you got the inspiration for the name... .

    You and Christopher are always in my thoughts. ((hugs))

  31. Robyn--I agree--It was terrific!

    I'm so glad you wrote this.

    Hugs and prayers for Christopher. He's in my heart every day!!

  32. I thought this was a great story for the 4th of July week. I wasn't even expecting it to be Mr. Thomas Jefferson! Back when there was only one copy of things- scary! :)

    Hope that Christopher feels better soon. Sending good thoughts his way.

  33. I hope Christopher gets better soon.

    I love the voice in the passage you posted. Has all the flavor of those bygone times.


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