Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A Path To Publishing, Y'all!

Writers, today I am going to tell you about a venture that Jill Corcoran (boy howdy, it is THAT Jill Corcoran) and Martha Alderson (yep, The Plot Whisperer herself) are involved with. They have built a writing how-to. A how-to for novels and one for picture books. Take your pick.  I have rented the videos for both. So I am speaking as one who rented them and watched them.  My review is after the info on the videos. Read on, people!                                

I'm so excited to Host 2 amazing ladies on my blog today, along with the fabulous program they have put together to help authors get their book published and to learn how to revise their own novels in a manner that will make manuscripts shine!!

Let's Introduce you first to this program!


We offer writers two video series with more in production:

1) PlotWriMo: Revise Your Novel in a Month

8 videos, 5.5 hours + 3- hands-on exercises

Congratulations! You have written a draft of a novel. You’ve accomplished what many
writers merely talk about and dream of doing – you have written an entire story from
beginning to end. When you finish celebrating, it is time to revise: to re-envision and
rewrite what you’ve written into a novel that agents, editors and readers will devour.
Writing a great plot involves craft and skill and know-how. Before you undertake a major
rewrite, first consider your story from all angles with the help of step-by-step instruction
and daily exercises. You know you’re ready to rewrite when you’ve checked all the
essentials elements for creating an exciting story with compelling characters and a
meaningful plot.


2) How to Write and Sell a Picture Book with a Plot

7 videos explain how to plot, write and sell picture books + provide exercises how to
immediately integrate the concepts into your own unique story. Learn about all the
different kinds of picture books, examples of character-driven and action-driven picture
books, how to develop winning picture book concepts, what are the major turning points
in every great picture book with a plot, writing, voice, character goals and motivation,
how to revise, testing your theme and take-away, who to submit to and so much more…

Here’s How the Video Series Work

Each video includes an in-depth look at the specific elements promised and how to
consider these essential story principles as you write, revise, rewrite, sell your story.
Writing assignment(s) guide you with step-by-step instruction.
Whether you decide to watch all the videos in a row and then go back and do the
exercises or jump right in to the 1st video’s exercise, work at your own pace and take
more or less time on the step-by-step exercises. The series are designed to fit into even
the busiest of schedules. Sign-in and watch video lectures, complete homework
assignments, and ask questions in a public forum on a timetable that fits your needs.

Shout Outs:

**The 1st draft you let yourself write any old way. Now revise your story from every angle

**Can't seem to #finish your #novel? Ready to give up? Before you do, revise!

**I’m finding the revision process FUN! Did I actually say that? Loving this process, thank you!

**Friends don't let friends ‪#revise alone

Let's introduce you to Jill and Martha now!!

Jill Corcoran bio
Jill Corcoran is the founder of Jill Corcoran Literary Agency and co-founder of A Path A Publishing

Martha Alderson bio

Martha Alderson, author of The Plot Whisperer: Secrets of Story Structure Any Writer Can Master, is known as “The Plot Whisperer” for the help she offers writers worldwide. She is the founder of PlotWriMo: Revise Your Novel in a Month and the award-winning blog The Plot Whisperer

These ladies not only brought us these amazing author tools, but also offer another service with 2 levels of Participation (Participants and Observers):

Office Hours
2nd Thursday of every month
9:30-11:30am Pacific

Active Participants and Observers

ACTIVE PARTICIPANTS: 8 authors each have 15 minutes to work with The Plot
Whisperer Martha Alderson and Literary Agent Jill Corcoran on whatever you want help
with. Read part of your manuscript, query, discuss energetic markers, concept, brainstorm
plot, characters, etc and receive feedback you can immediately apply to your work.
Active participants must watch either Plotwrimo: Revise Your Novel in a Month or How
to Write & Sell a Picture Book Videos. This gives us a common language and baseline
understanding of underlying plot and story concepts for better communication.
Receive a critique of your First Pages, Query, Concept, or get help with your Characters,
Where to Start your Story, Crisis, Climax, etc. It is your time...your choice

***OBSERVERS: 15 observer spots. As an observer, you do not participate/read your
work, but listen and learn from others during these sessions.


Reviews of the series:

"The amount of time, heartache, frustration, and hell that these videos are saving me from
is immeasurable."

"Don't wait until you have a first draft to get the video series. If you have an inkling of a
concept, get the video series. The videos will show you how to define your energetic
markers. You'll learn the difference between crisis and climax. The 8 videos constitute a
'top to toe' writing course. 
Jill Corcoran & Martha Alderson, thank you for giving me
the opportunity to call myself a writer with pride." Dolly D Napal

"I have been writing, writing, writing, and reading about writing, but I knew I was still
missing the mark. How I write and rewrite books will be forever changed for the better. "
Wendy McLeon MacKnight

"I felt overwhelmed with my latest revision. I feel like a weight has been lifted and I'm
just on day one."

Last, but not least, these ladies offer a fantastic workshop to help people actively learn from the

A Path to Publishing Workshops:

We often tailor-make an advanced workshop for writers who have watched the series to
ask questions and receive feedback on your own individual story.
A Path to Publishing Facebook Group

Everyone is welcome to join A Path to Publishing Facebook group created by Literary
Agent Jill Corcoran and Plot Whisperer Martha Alderson as safe, smart, fun alcove for
writers and illustrators to share and learn about the craft of writing and the book biz. This
is NOT a place to sell your books, but a wonderful forum for us all to advance our skills,
our creativity, and our dreams plus learn about what Jill and Martha are up to at A PATH

My review:

The videos are well worth the cost. I have learned a lot with them. The thing that really cements all of this is the homework which is so comprehensive and thorough. It validates everything in the videos and then some. I never knew how to use the energetic markers. Now I do. I feel confident that even after my year with the videos, I'll be able to revise my novels on my own because of what I've learned. I am revising my MG using the information from the videos. It is much stronger and tighter.

You can watch all the videos and then go through the homework or watch them one at a time completing the homework for that particular video moving to the next one. Move along with your time schedule. You have them for a year.

Jill and Martha have a conversation with you. It's not like your typical instructor/class. Jill and Martha talk directly to you. Like it's just you and them. Of course, in a way it is. They do not talk down to you either. Which is very important. Another very important thing is the fact that Jill Corcoran is a powerhouse agent. I mean BRICK POWERHOUSE! Martha isn't chopped liver either (snort). Her Plot Whisperer books have sold like hotcakes and have helped many a writer become published.

The picture book videos are also very good. There's also a list of picture books for you to study. The thing I like about the picture book videos is that they help you learn how to study other picture books. SO IMPORTANT! I had never learned to do that before the videos. That's my biggest takeaway. It is the best thing about the picture book videos. If you can read published picture books and figure out why they worked then you can write books that will work too.

My take? Rent the videos. You'll be so glad you did.

Be sure to follow along and see what others are saying about these services and how they have helped them! Read individual reviews and more information about how this video series can help you!

December 1
December 1
December 1
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December 2
December 2
December 3
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December 5Susan P


Thanks for reading, y'all. Are you interested in the videos? Write on!


  1. Hi Robyn .. this looks to be amazing and what a good idea to put them on video. I'd be interested .. but not now and perhaps I need an English version .. but such a great idea and I'm sure many will relish their knowledge and the course ...

    Definitely per your title "A Path to Publishing" .. enjoy and I hope many join .. cheers Hilary

  2. Nice review, Robyn.

    I decided to rent the revision videos because I knew that while I learned from many "how to revise" books, I often skipped the exercises. I'm a student. I know how to be a student. So watching the videos was like having a teacher explain in a classroom, and I was much more willing to do the homework. It helped me see manuscripts in a whole new way.

    And on the last video, some of Jill's words were so encouraging, they still stick with me months later.

  3. Great post! I really enjoyed the video series and the online class I took form Jill and Martha. This is a great tool for writers! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Hil, you will benefit greatly from them. Trust me. It is great to have them sitting down in your office/living room/wherever. They are there guiding you all the way through it. I KNOW that I KNOW I'll be able to revise my novels as they should be revised. About you needing an English version. The spelling differences are slight. I'll be after you to rent the videos, Hil. COIUNT on it. :-)

  5. Great point, Theresa. I never did the exercises. I felt like if I read the books I didn't HAVE to do them. But this different. You're right about Jill's reassurance. It makes you feel like she'll be with you every step of the way.

  6. Thanks, Mikey. The videos are excellent tools for our toolbox. Really the only tool needed.

  7. This is a good idea. Think I'm a little late to the show, though.

  8. Sheri, it's never too late, buddy. Ask Theresa. I PROMISE! You have no idea of what You'll learn.

  9. Robyn, I suspect that you are secretly hiding a time turner! How else do you get done all that you do?? These courses look great. I have discovered that I really can't get video classes because my internet at home can't handle it and I don't go out often enough to use free wifi in town.

    And, I'm ashamed to say I fell of the bandwagon before I even got on. I forgot to write first before I started with emails and FB. Bleh. Maybe tomorrow...

    You inspire me, dear! xo

  10. Teresa, am I going to have to come there and be your wakeup reminder? Write a note and set it by your computer. REWARD for writing: play time on facebook and with checking emails AFTER I've written for __ hours. :-)

  11. Alex, it's so awesome. If you know of any writers who might need this send them on.

  12. Hi Robyn, I've enjoyed reading your comments on the other blogs along the tour and now to visit you on your blog is a treat! Thank you for all your kind words. Jill is wonderful, isn't she?! I feel lucky to be a partner with her in A Path to Publishing and to have her round out the PlotWriMo: Revise Your Novel in a Month. Thank you so much for sharing your enthusiasm and our resources with your followers and friends! Wishing you every success...

  13. Hey Martha, great to see you. You are wonderful too. Never forget that! I've enjoyed commenting. I truly believe in this program and I've told every writer I know about it. Thanks for the visit. :-)

  14. What a fabulous post, Robyn! These videos sound wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing! :)

  15. Hey Cheryl, I heart you for stopping by. They are wonderful. They are so much help to the picture book writers and novel writers in the world. Hug, hug, hug!!!

  16. This sounds like an amazing series. So excited to learn about it. Thanks so much for sharing and for the fabulous giveaway. :)

  17. Jess, it is amazing! Truly. SO wonderful. I have learned so much and I know I'll carry what Ive learned with me. Plus, I took notes. Hehe

  18. Thanks, Robin for your kind words! Off to check the next blog. This is such fun..

  19. Thank you for the info and links. These videos look very helpful.

    I love the idea of a revising month after NaNo.

  20. Thanks so much for the heads up! This looks exciting.

  21. Sounds like an awesome program. Thanks for sharing the information and your review.

  22. Medeia, I do too. The things I've learned will make my writing so much stronger. I want writers to know about it.

  23. J. Lenni, it is exciting. Ready to ramp it up and take your writing to the next level? :-)

  24. It has taught me so much, Susanne. All writers need to know about this program. The fact that JILL CORCORAN and Martha Alderson teaches makes it very worthy for writers to consider.

  25. Great post, Robyn:) Those APTP videos are great. I have found them so helpful with revising and with new manuscripts as well:)

  26. Hey Dee, I agree. I find a lot of the stuff I add it to new stories without thinking about it. Almost like it's second nature. Thanks for stopping in.

  27. Great post and I loved these videos which reminds me I should go through them again!

  28. Joanna, I didn't know you rented the videos. They're wonderful, aren't they? I have to go back through them too. :-)

  29. I bought the videos, but haven't had time to watch them, between the move and the daughter. I hope for some quiet time soon, so I can study them.


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