Monday, February 2, 2015

Mr. Ed's Ode To Phyll

It's Time For Punxsutawney Phyllis's 10th Anniversary Birthday Bonanza!!

WOOHOO! Phyll(is) (the character written by Susanna Hill and illustrated by Jeffery Ebbeler) is 10-years-old! YEAH MAN! Phyll has been to our house twice. (You remember the race?) You don't? WHEW. And well...well...Mr. Ed has...*sniff* fallen for her. He knows he cannot fulfill his dream of a life with her. SO SAD, y'all. SO SAD.

I copied the rules from Susanna's blog. You didn't think I was gonna type all that stuff out, did ya? 


If you wrote a poem for Phyllis, and/or have photographs, drawings, videos, or other fun feature accompaniments, please add your post-specific blog link to the list below, or post your poem etc in the comments, or Email it to me and I'll post it for you so that we can all enjoy everyone's creativity!

Maybe Phyllis and I will pick some top finishers, or maybe we'll have a vote later in the week, but either way, some people will win a signed copy of PUNXSUTAWNEY PHYLLIS (if there's anyone left on earth who doesn't already have one or who wants another for someone), a signed copy of Pat Miller's wonderful SUBSTITUTE GROUNDHOG along with audio CD!, and there will be some other non-groundhog-day-related picture books up for grabs too.

ON WITH IT. First the poem and then poor Mr. Ed reciting it for Phyll is on FB.

Mr.Ed’s ode to Phyll

You mean the world to me, Phyll
Your forecasts fit the bill.
That day we rode to victory,
 It wasn’t a mystery.
 Honey, we just clicked,
 No one could predict.
 Our close relationship,
when I saw you take that dip.
In your bikini on that day,
all my thoughts were in disarray.
We decided ours was not to be,
You and I had to (mostly) agree.
That friendship is much better,
So I trashed the old love letter.
Besides my dear sweet Phyll,
I can’t afford your food bill. (I havta eat!) Neighhhh!

Happy 10th birthday.

Love,  Mr. Ed

Blogger wouldn't upload my video. PSHAW! I posted it on facebook Robyn's other home. If you care to have a looksee. DRAT, Blooger! DRAT, I say DRAT!  It's being all wonky and everything.

Go to Susanna Hill's blog to see the rest of the entries. Thanks for watching. Er, Mr. Ed wonders if, perhaps by chance, you might just have a carrot or an apple? Maybe some potato chips? 


  1. I love the poem! What fun!!! This is the only Groundhog Day-related post I read today!

  2. Of course YOU would make it from a HORSE. Love that food bill line!

  3. Lovely site! Thanks for my Blitz comment!

  4. So cute! I enjoyed the video on facebook too!

  5. Ha ha. Of course you have a horse named Mr. Ed! I loved that show. The illustrations to this book are super too! :-)

  6. I remember Phyllis visiting Mr. Ed. How could I forget that day! Well your ode to her is so much FUN!

  7. A groundhog in a bikini? I didn;t know that took place in Kentucky.

  8. Is Phyllis aware of her in-demand situation? Haha! The bikini is tops...and bottoms too!

  9. I love the groundhog related post! This book sounds like such fun and I love the picture. :) Great poem, Robyn!

  10. Oh my goodness what a fab love story, Robyn! I must see Mr. Ed reading it you clever lady.


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