Tuesday, April 28, 2009

How do you handle writer's block? I know people handle things differently, but I have been trying to develop my first page into something winnable(to win an agent) that now my revisions have slowed to a NOT there at all! ARGH! I let it get to me. I shouldn't have, but I did. It's a foggy brain because I can't seem to write today. I gave up and thought that maybe tomorrow I might write all day long! It made me wonder, how many of you even get it? Maybe it's just a me thing. And I don't get it too much, as a matter of fact, I guess this my first time with it.

Do you get up and run around the desk a few times? Trust me, it doesn't work! Eat? Naw, it doesn't work, either. I've tried these today. I hope that giving in to it and deciding to take the day off will be the charm. And I don't have time, because of all the traveling to the hospital with my son. Which I will have to do on Thursday.

Will I defeat this demon? Dunno. I'll let you know, tomorrow! :)

And thanks to all the new folks who signed on. I appreciate it very much! I hope we all get that gold ring. PUBLICATION!


  1. For me, it was a combination of understanding what was causing my writer's block, and discipline.

    Generally, I get WB when I've made a wrong turn somewhere in the story, gone in a direction that I shouldn't have. Now that I know that, I can generally figure out where I went wrong in just a day or two.

    For discipline, I have a set word count for each day, and allow a day to rest. If' I'm stuck in the alpha novel, I move to the beta novel for a day or so, so at least I'm still writing.

    Hope this helps. Good luck with your WB. :D

  2. I give myself permission to write absolute garbage. That usually gets me past writer's block. I just say, it doesn't matter what I write as long as I write. Then, after a bit of fluff, I am usually able to produce something I like again. If it still doesn't work, I just waste the rest of my day on something like youtube. :P

  3. Windsong, that's a very good idea. And I think I do understand why so I should be able to fix it! Thanks, :)

    Davin, I like that one too! I am going to sit down and just write! YAY, THANKS. I feel better now! :) I was stressing way too much!

  4. Writer's block happens. Davin is correct. Just write. Write whatever. You're a writer. Be a writer.

  5. For me, the fix is almost always reading. I pull out an oldie but goodie from my bookshelf and sink into the story. Especially if I can find something with a similar voice or tone to what I am writing. Try it!

  6. Refuse to give in to it. It's not there because of the writing. You have something else on your mind. Figure out what it is.
    At least that's what it is for me.
    Read a good book. This is a nice escape!

  7. Great minds DO think alike: your post inspired me to write a post on being stuck, too!

    Unfortunately, I rarely have problems with the first chapter--I mean, I do, but not with being stuck (I write stuff, it's just not always good). I usually get stuck in the middle.

  8. I just ride it out. Eventually, something inspires me to write! :-)


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