Monday, April 6, 2009

I gave up and thanks to Sarah over at, I joined Twitter. Needing friends here, need to feel the love.

Fast forward to Sunday(yesterday) and my critiquing partner, Beth sent me an invite to join Facebook. Yes, I did that too. We'd went to a writing workshop on Saturday and it was about marketing your book and getting your name out there. Beth was already a member of facebook, but I hadn't had the opportunity to jump in.

I have been with goodreads for about six to eight months and I love it. Got A LOT of friends there and feelin' the love, it's oh so fine! Now if I can just get it together on facebook and twitter I'll be doing everything I need to do, to market my book. OOPS, I forgot, first things first, I need to finish the book! :)


  1. Yes, finish the book! That's important! :) I am just starting to look into things like Facebook too. It's a lot of work to get yourself out there, but I think it's important, especially if you are set to publish soon. Networking can also get your people who can help with your book before you are done.

  2. Agreed, Davin. You and I are thinking alike, and the book is the most important thing because if I don't have it, then there's no reason for any of it. :) The networking is invaluable too though, huh?

  3. I haven't joined Twitter yet, but I'm starting to enjoy Facebook. But I definitely agree that staring your networking early is important. It'd be nice to be able to tell an agent, "I have # of people who follow me who would buy my book."

    Maybe, once I finish my book I'll consider giving Twitter a chance. The last thing I need is more distractions, lol!

    Oh yeah, and both of us need to get back to work on the books! Finish, finish, finish!!!


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