Thursday, October 15, 2009

Howdy from Chapel Hill

Uh yeah, we're here AGAIN. UH, yeah we were here Monday, and then we were back like yesterday! These folks know us so well. Heck, we don't even have to sign in. They sign us in when they see us coming. I'll visit your blogs as soon as I can. Hope everyone has a great day! :)

What have you learned about the process of writing and querying? I've learned that the word revision is now more a part of my vocabulary than the words, "I'm hungry." And I have learned that rejection is a BIG part of my life now. WAAAAA. It's just the way it is. True or False? Rejections help to make me a better writer. I think they make me more determined, but I ain't sure about the better part. I'll have to get back to you on that. I bet when I have a published book I'll say that rejections made me a better writer. Just because I can say it then, without sobbing hysterically.

How 'bout you?:)


  1. I'm not sure that rejection makes me a better writer, but I do know that thoughtful comments make me a better writer.

    Hope you and Christopher have a good day. Take good care.

  2. Aw, what happened? Was it the pitch session?

    And don't worry--with enough rejections your skin'll be thick enough to be armor!

  3. Buttercup, agreed. The comments(the helpful ones) definitely make me a better writer.

    Thank you. I hope we have a great day too. I hope that you have a great day!:)

  4. Beth, no I haven't had my pitch yet. It's today. Good thing I have a laptop.

    And I feel like my skin is already tough enough. ENOUGH ALREADY! :)

  5. Robyn,
    You're doing great, hon! Good luck on your pitch, squeeze your son for me, then squeeze yourself and know that rejections are only what makes us strive to get that acceptance. :)

    PS-I cried when I got my first rejection and it was only for a magazine story. !!!

  6. Hi Kristi, I have been so busy that I haven't visited you in a couple of days. I hope you're doing great.

    Hey, after my first rejection, I thought I might crawl under the bed and live there for a while. :)

    I'm squeezing Christopher for Kristi and I'm squeezing myself too. Thanks!

    Yeah, the more rejections I get, the more determined I am. :)

  7. Good Morning, Robyn. Hope Chapel Hill is treating you right.

    And I have to say... Rejection only shows us how much perserverance we really have (do we quit early or keep going), well, unless the editor or agent tells you why you were rejected. Then you can actually learn something from the process and grow.

  8. I've learned . . . patience through the query process. I've also learned that no matter how often I think I'm done revising, I'm really not. : )

    As for rejection . . . pass the margaritas!!


  9. Rejection definitely makes me more determined to do what I can to get my work out there--and to make it the best I can be. I got a rejection this week :( and I turned around and wrote a tentative outline for my new WIP. I'm determined to bring this book to life.

  10. I think rejection makes us strive to be better. What actually makes us better, though, is writing, writing, and more writing.

  11. Be thinking of you again today. Hope it goes well. As for rejection, just keep playing your game and you will reach the goal.

  12. Rejection's not easy, but it does make me more determined than ever to find the right 'home' for my articles (still working up to that book!!). Continuing to keep you and Christopher in prayer.

  13. long time no see! I think personal rejections help - not form rejections. hang in there

  14. I've had so many rejections I feel numb about them now. But to get to that point of blessed no-feeling, i had to run the gamut of emotions from over-excited anticipation to the depths of despair. Eventually I've got the point where it's just easier and simpler to feel neutral about them (well, relatively neutral, I still get a twinge now and again)

    Hope the rest of the week treats you & your son well!

  15. Rejections are a great thing to mention at school visits. Kids love hearing about how many times you were rejected. So rack them up!
    It's future fodder :)

  16. I'm not yet at the getting rejections point yet with my writing - it makes me uncomfortable even thinking about it! Hope your pitch went well.

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