Thursday, October 29, 2009

My workspace

Here it is! In all its splendor. My workspace. The duck is Quacker named after a duck in two of my picture books, Quacker the Duck and Farmer Ben and Quacker the Watch Duck. He is my buddy and spurs me on when things aren't going as fast as I'd like them to. My chair is soooo comfy!

So what is your workspace like? Is it heavenly? Does it inspire you? Mine does, just because it is at home and Christopher and everyone else are near. Quacker too, of course.:) And it's near the kitchen! *grin*

And why am I showing you pics of my space? Yesterday I thought how much my workspace shaped my writing. When I'm happy, no worries the words just roll. As y'all know I've had some concerns for the past few months. But. The writing still happens for me, I guess, because of where I'm writing at and who I'm around when I am writing. It comes slower, but it comes. I am in the process of going through my papers (the mess you see to your right.) Uh, someday. *grin* A little mess never hurt anyone. Right? :) But I am moving a REAL desk in. WOOHOO!! Does your workspace help or hurt you? :)


  1. Stop sneaking into my mind and stealing my post ideas! Geesh!

    This morning, 5 AM or some other hour at the butt crack of dawn . . . and I'm thinking "Self, you need to clean up your workspace and post some pictures on your blog". Seriously, 5 AM! Then, what happens? Oh, I see that my friend Robyn has once again stolen - I mean, been in sync with me - my idea!

    I hate to admit it, but I rarely work in my lovely office any longer. I'm normally at the table in the breakfast nook so I can look out the window and see the world! Still, I love my office - wall of book shelves, dark red color (prev owner painted, we haven't changed it, and I love it), armoire type desk, and a few other touches I've made throughout the years. But, with a laptop, everywhere has the potential of being my office.

    Thanks for the insight into your workspace. I must get busy now cleaning mine up before I post pictures. Ha!


  2. Your chair does look comfy.

    My husband uses the office mainly, I am too unorganized for us to share a work space. I write primarily from my laptop so I travel from room to room hiding from my children.

  3. I agree. Comfy-looking chair. I'm jealous. I have an old used kitchen chair at my desk. Sigh.

  4. that's a thinking chair, for certain :),
    I love workspace pics, they give me a visual of my blogging friends which is fun. thanks for sharing.

  5. I'm thrilled you actually have a space to call your own. I have none sadly. I share space with the coffee maker and the pannini press ;)

  6. My work space is such a disaster right now. It's stressing me. I think I write more when things are in order.

  7. Ooh, now you're inspiring me to finish my workspace remodel. Must be back on the ball!
    I love your area.

  8. I like your space. It looks comfortable. I finally got my space set up and so far I haven't used it yet. I've been so busy with kids (days off of school because of the snow) and other things I haven't had a chance yet. Once NaNo is here, though...

  9. What a comfy looking chair!! I love Quacker! I have two make-shift 'offices' that I tend to work from: the downstairs computer with views of the woods to my right; and the up-stairs laptop with views of my two dogs and their houses in front of me. When our heater wasn't working downstairs, let me tell you, I made a bee-line for the upstairs 'office.' The downstairs 'office' chair is more comfortable. Both locations are equally as inspiring! Thanks for your post!

  10. Quacker is adorable! I write mostly at my desk, because I'm lucky enough to have a nice room as as studio with a nice view of the garden. Not that there's much garden left after the tremendous hailstorm we had over the weekend.

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