Saturday, July 31, 2010

Last Day!!!!!!!!!!!

This is it folks. The last day to enter Candyland's contest and soothe aching bodies and souls in the process. Hop over will you? She's probably got a pot of coffee on to go with all those excellent prizes. Come on! Give from your heart. Click here>  

Or click to the right at the top of the sidebar. Just click! You'll be glad you did. 
Happy weekend. Smile , laugh and love peeps!


  1. Hi Robyn!

    I’m already following you, but wanted to say Happy Summer! Stop by my blog when you are able.

    My latest inspirational postings include “8 Tips for Successful Living,” “Celebrate,” “Springtime Beauty,” “The Power,” “The Triumphant Heart,” and “Pure Love.”


  2. Hi Robyn,

    Thanks for your visit and kind compliments! Yes, I believe you are on my follow list. My blog acts up from time to time, but I think once it says you have signed in to another's site, you are on the list. Have a great weekend!


  3. Robyn, glad you are having a good summer!
    It's been fabulous to see you more at my blog.

    Keep on keepin' on, girl.

  4. Thanks for the reminder, bff. I just hopped over and bought ma a t-shirt!! :-)

  5. Just wanted to send you some *cookies* and *hugs* :)

  6. Ah, man!! I missed it. I miss you too, Robyn. I haven't had the time to visit blogs like I used to, and I really miss that!


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