Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I have not been able to post anything all week here at the ol' house. I don't understand why blogger is being so hard to get along with. I was preparing to type up a bad-tempered letter to send to the powers that be and guess what? It finally worked for me. GAH! Double GAH!

A giant SHOUT OUT to Candy for all the hard work and love she put into her contest. I think writers are the most  considerate, warm-hearted folks in this universe and beyond. Which reminds me, I cried at the end of Toy Story. Yup, I embarrassed all who pretended they weren't with me. ;)


The top ten titles (in order of how many votes they received) are listed here. Please vote on which title you think I should use. A lot of you emailed your votes to me and that is just fine. Either email or by commenting on this post. Your vote will be counted. Without further adieu:

 Silent Stables: The Disappearance of Fancy and Rundee  

The Horse Pirates

Gone in a Gallop

"The C.I.A." - Grand Larceny - Horse Theft
(C-laire, I-an and A-nna)   

To Catch a (Horse)Thief      
Searching For Fancy     

Thieves in Their Pockets  

The White Pines Kidnapping    

Take Hold of the Reins

So let's get out the vote. Cuz, I need a title, yanno??

And thank you to everyone who sent in titles ideas. Every title got at least one vote, which only goes to prove that y'all are just awesome title thinker-uppers.

Oh and Jennifer Shirk raised a great question about the genre. So I thought I'd fix that. It is middle grade action/adventure. 


  1. Well, I think I need to be reminded of the genre again.

    But I kinda like "Gone in a Gallop". It's cute and catchy. :)

  2. Thanks Jen, gotcha down. And thanks for the reminder. =)

  3. I like Searching for Fancy -- but I'd like it to be:

    The Search for Fancy

    hope you find the right title!

  4. I like The Horse Pirates. :)

  5. I like Horse Pirates with the "The."

  6. I can't decide between The Horse Pirates or Gone in a Gallup. Both are totally cool.

  7. I kind of like "Gone in a Gallop." Lots of good ones.

  8. Hey Robyn...I like 'Gone in a Gallop'. Its a cool title. Loads of luck with both : the title and querying.

  9. Searching for Fancy.

    That's my vote.

    Sorry about the blog problems. That's SOOO frustrating.


  10. Doesn't it drive you crazy when blogger acts up?? Good luck with those titles!

  11. Searching for Fancy
    is that cheating? :)

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  13. Did I vote? Hrm......I think I did...but maybe I didnt...I'll just voice my thoughts as I think them...I'm hungry.

  14. Gosh I thought I'd voted!


    1st choice: THE HORSE PIRATES
    2nd choice: GONE IN A GALLOP


  15. Silent Stables.

    Silent Stables.

    Silent Stables.

    Does that count as three votes?


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