Friday, January 7, 2011

What spurs great writing?

 Praise? Money? Or the need to write? Paul Auster says, "it's the burning need to do it." Agree?

I sure do. A lot of young wanna be writers have decided that they want to become novelists so they can become rich. I read their comments all over the internet. Now there are some that know they want to write, because they have a love to write. But for the most part, they see it as a get rich quick scheme. Oh man! Are they ever in for a HUGE surprise.

Auster also says, "Don't be a writer, it's a terrible way to live your life, there's nothing to be gained from it but poverty and obscurity and solitude. So if you have a taste for all those things, which means that you really are burning to do it, then go ahead and do it. But don't expect anything from anybody."

Sound advice? AMEN! Do it because you love to do it. :) What say you?


  1. I can't help it. Once I let myself write, it opened the floodgates. I'm still at it. I hope one day to get validation (agent, publisher).

  2. Absolutely! Great thoughts, Robyn.

    Because I love to, have to, that sort of creativity is inherent in me. And I realized the other day, words are my best ally.

  3. If you don't have a passion for something then you won't be a success at it and that applies to writing as much as much as anything else.
    Robyn I admire you and all the other talented writers who are trying to get their work published,you have a gift which hopefully you will get to share with a wider audience:)

  4. I think it's either in you or it's not. :O)

  5. Absolutely! There's no other reason to write except that I love it!

  6. Absolutely agree with you. We should write because we love it and are consumed by the desire to write. The rest: fame, adulation and money will come later. Or may not.

  7. I loved that, "They're in for a huge surprise."

    You have to love it, or else you'd go crazy with all the hair pulling, teeth gnashing, and waiting.

  8. Completely agree with you. You gotta love it! Who are these people that think you make money from writing?! I'd like to meet them. Maybe point and laugh. Ok, that's rude. I won't.

  9. So true! There is nothing "quick" about being a writer or getting published. NOTHING! I think we have to love it to stick with it.

    Prayer Power for Robyn going strong! :-)

  10. Yep. That's definitely why I write. :)

  11. I love making up stories...I'm not very good at submitting. I didn't realize that until recently. I really want to have a book on the shelf in a library. I want a child to pull my words off the shelf and to read them or a teacher to read them to the class...I guess that means I need to work on submitting more....Thanks for making me be a bit more reflective, Robyn. :-)

  12. It's way too tough of a business to be in if you don't absolutely love it. Sometimes love may not even be enough, more like you NEED to do it. I know I'd be miserable if I gave it up, so I keep typing away. :)

  13. I'm in. I write because I love it, and feel it's what I'm called to do.
    Happy weekend!
    Sending hugs,

  14. I totally agree! It's necessary. It quiets the voices. It's great therapy. It's a gotta-needa-wanna-kinda thing. Money would be nice, though, right?

  15. I agree Robyn. It's that ache inside telling you "get creative, get moving and write." Even if nothing great comes out, I always feel better that I took a shot at writing. It's kind of like labor without all that insane pain, you know??

  16. For me, it's the whisperings of that Audience of One.
    I have to have that!!!

  17. Some very SOUND advice, for sure! I agree all the way. I'm not in this to make money, that's for sure. :)

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