Friday, January 28, 2011

What Tools Do You Have?

Like any craftsmen, we writers know there are a few tools that we must have in order to do our jobs well. The good news? Most of them are free. Woo-hoo

If you are a beginning writer you definitely do NOT need any expensive computer software, office supplies or those fancy smancy writing journals. You do need a pencil, some paper, paper clips and highlighters. (And a good cup of coffee, plus some chocolate can't hurt either.) Highlighters are wonderful, btw. :) I can't forget post it notes. They are a writers best pal.

Other tools which do NOT cost anything? The ol' butt in chair, library books, and confidence. And learn to write what you want to write. Not what others tell you to write. Oh and listen. To other folks. I write about kids, so I listen to kids all the time. (They do not know this.) But I keep my ears open.

After you have practiced writing for awhile, invest in a great writing book or two. They are worth their weight in gold.

The most important tool you can have? Even better than the aforementioned post it notes? YOU! To use this tool you just have to sit down and write. It's what's inside you that helps you become a writer. Use it!


  1. I think the friends and encouragers I have are worth more than gold. Good thoughts! :O)

  2. My new favorite tool - well, check out my blog (ha)!! Seriously, it's Sticky Notes which is a program on my new computer. It's an electronic post it note that shows up on the desktop. When done editing for the day, I type the next Chapter to edit on the Sticky Note. Woo-hoo!

    BTW - the Titans are getting a new coach!


  3. My favorite tools, a good dictionary and thesaurus.

  4. My favorite tools? The Bookshelf Muse and great writing pals! :-)

  5. I'm good with all of that except I'm searching for some confidence. If you find any extra, would you send it my way?

  6. Great, funny and true! Writer's Say the Darndest(new word)Things!

    Thanks so much!

  7. I think confidence is so important, something I'm sadly lacking at the moment Robyn !

  8. It's funny, but the blog has become my main tool for getting my thoughts down and playing around creatively. Great post once again Robyn.


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