Monday, June 8, 2009

I hope that y'all have been to my writing pardner, Beth's blog. She is posting easy to understand grammar lessons. There are five of them and the first one started yesterday. Click on over. You'll be glad you did.

I've been revising--UGH! It's not that I don't like revising, well okay, I really don't like it at all. But I know it is part of the process. That brings me to the point of this post. Aren't you glad we're finally getting there?

I was wondering what y'all thought about Series Packaging. This is when an author is trying to present a fiction series to agents or editors. There is a place you can go that will help you develop a package deal. They draw up a series proposal that includes an about the author page, a synopsis of each book in the series, a series bible, a marketing plan, projected dates of when the manuscript will be completed, and sample materials which can include the complete manuscript. Now all of this comes at quite a cost. I'm not writing a series and don't know if I ever will, but I was thinking about this yesterday. I know of someone that is doing it. It's very expensive and how does the writer learn to do these things on her own? If it's being done for her/him then he learns nothing about the process. A writer needs to learn about writing queries, developing marketing plans, writing a synopsis, and everything else that goes along with it. I want to do these things whether I'm writing a series or not. That way, I know how to do it. Because I've done it before. This company even submits for the writer. Do y'all think that this is a good thing? Now I know most of us don't write series, but you never know. What say you PJ? Would you consider it. if you had money to burn? And believe me you need to have a lot of money to even consider doing this.Here is the link. Tell me what you think? I'd love to know. :)


  1. First off, Beth is awesome! And good luck with revisions. I hate them too, but I'm so glad they happen. :D

    Interesting about the series packaging. Personally, I wouldn't do it. As you say, the author should be capable of doing this. Also, there are companies that query for you, promising that your query will be personalized. Agents generally can tell at a glance if someone's used a query service, and those queries generally get dismissed according to some of the agent blogs.

    Besides, if I spend money there, how would I buy books?

  2. Danyelle, you are so right my sister! They would be able to tell and think no more of it. Money=wasted. :)

  3. I agree with Danyelle. Any author worth their salt should be able to write a decent query. There are many resources available (free, I might add) to help you get it done, so there's really on reason to spend your money.

  4. *Thanks Danyelle* :)

    I can't honestly say what I would and wouldn't do if I had unlimited money. I think I would spring for an editorial service, probably Stacy Whitman. But I don't know about this....

  5. Eric, I totally agree. I want to learn the right way. *which I'm doing now* UGH! :)

    Beth, you wouldn't use this service. I know you, and you wouldn't. But I would LOOOOOVVVVE to get Stacy to have a little look-see at my manuscript. AH,but it's is up to my writing pardner to tell me what part of my MS is crap. And she does a wonderful job, too. :)


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