Thursday, June 11, 2009

Shakes fists at storms

Grr! Yesterday a storm moved into out neck of the neighborhood, knocking out my satellite internet service all afternoon and until I went to bed. After my shaking and horror slowed down a bit, I wondered how I would get through next week. "AUGH!" She screamed! Next week is unplug week. An entire week of no blogging, no anything to do with my computer except checking my inbox and writing. "Yo, BJ, HELP! Could use a little pep talk here. Tell me how I'll get a lot of work done on my revisions. Probably be finished. BJ!" She screamed again.

Then today, I have been visiting Authoress, since my first 250 words are in the Teeny Tiny are you hooked mini round. I had to do my critiques. I've had some nice crits and two of the things mentioned I agreed with, so I immediately went in and fixed the problems. I love her and the fact that we are able to put our first pages up for critique. I just wish that everyone would follow the rules. You'll notice that 10 and 11 are missing. She graciously gives us a platform to have critiques on our work and then a few do not follow the directions. Grr.

I'm sorry for using my blog to vent today, I just felt like expressing my feelings to y'all. I will be around to comment later. "BJ!" :)


  1. Isn't it funny how, even when you're not on the Internet, but your (well, at least my laptop) computer gives you the signal that the wireless connection isn't working, you break out in a cold sweat??? I immediately have to stop whatever productive thing I'm doing and go try to figure out the problem. Arrrgghhh! How did we get sucked into this Internet thing in the first place???

    Congrats on being one of the lucky 12! I haven't had a chance to crit yet. I'll get there sometime this week . . . I hope. I was one of the lucky ones not too long ago and really appreciated the feedback. Best of luck.


  2. It will be good therapy to go offline for a week. I'll say what I tell my kids all the time, "You can do hard things." LOL!

  3. Though I'm not unplugging, I bet it will quiet down!

  4. *hugs*
    *virtual chocolate for your time of need*
    Congrats on your entry, sorry about those that don't follow the rules.

  5. It'll be ok, Robyn! The first couple of days during Unplug Week are the hardest. I did a lot of wandering around the house until I realized I had nothing to do but write, lol. After the initial withdrawals, I got SOOoo much written. It was really hard not to run to my computer to distract myself, but it was also pretty amazing how productive I was. And I'm the queen of procrastination. :) Ok, I'm so not good at giving pep talks, lol. :) YOU CAN DO IT!!! :D

  6. I don't think I could bcome unplugged, and this is from someone who gave up smoking, almost all caffeine and just about all alcohol, which probably is all the more reason to go unplugged. I am so sympathetic for you. Vent away!

  7. My internet is my life line...I could NEVER go unplugged, or I'd be in a very bad mood. We've had so many storms here too - I'm soooo sick of it! I feel for ya, girl.


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