Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bailey said to...

buy lotsa books at your LOCAL bookstore. This does NOT mean to order from Amazon. K? This is Bailey's post over at the cool place to hang: The Literary Lab

Er, I did the only thing I could do. Copied and pasted. *wink*

My agent, Weronika Janczuk, forwarded this email to me a week or so ago and I forgot to post about it here:

Hi everyone,

I’ve gotten sick of reading the bookstore obituaries in the publishing news, so I’m starting a viral campaign to get people, on one day, to go buy books from their local bookstore. Might not end up changing the tides, but it’s something small I can do and I’m getting a good response so far. Here are the details for you to pass on to your friends/family/fellow booklovers:

Who: You and all the book-lovers in your life
When: June 25th, the first Saturday of Summer!
Where: Your local bookstore (and if you don’t have one near you, Powell’s ships)
Why: Because bookstores are dropping like flies and we want them to stay alive

Thanks for passing this along to whomever you think would want to get on board.


Kelly Sonnack
Andrea Brown Literary Agency

Prefer to read on your *!*%$ (I left out a blank, blank word from Bailey) Walmazart Kindle? Then buy a book for a book-lover you know!

Mark your calendars! DO IT!

So there you have it peeps. PLEASE, PLEASE SAVE YOUR LOCAL BOOKSTORE.  And pop over to follow The Literary Lab writerly pals of mine if you don't all ready. They're awesomely cool.  Uh-huh. :-)


  1. And there you have it, 'nough said! :)

  2. People can buy ebooks from their local bookstore too. My local indie, Porter Square Books has that option.

    I love my locals and support them as much as I can. I'd say I buy about 50/50.

  3. I love going into my local bookshops and I support them wholeheartedly!

  4. I love to go into bookstores. I get a book, a cup of coffee and I'm happy!

  5. Great idea, Robyn. I support the local bookstores whole heartedly.

  6. Yes, I agree! We need to support local businesses, in this case bookstores, as much as possible. I can't imagine doing without them; there's something about being able to hold and look at a book while considering a purchase. I think you find more treasures this way.

    Thanks for sharing this, cool amigo friend!
    Hugs and blessings,

  7. You're awesomely cool too, Robyn! :)

  8. The independent bookstore in the little town near me is so great. I talked with them about selling books at our Dementia Awareness Conference, and they were very receptive. I'll give them my next list of "have to reads!".

  9. My local bookstore, Merritt Bookstore in Millbrook, NY, is the best ever! I all in favor of supporting our indies!

  10. Even though I shop heavily at Amazon, I do go to the local library and bookstore. I love to browse and hold actual books in my hand.

  11. Ohhh.... I wish we didn't have to have this conversation...
    Thanks for doing your part, Robyn- you defender of the little bookstore you!

  12. This is a cause that will get my Irish up!!

    Thanks for speaking up Robyn :)


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