Wednesday, May 4, 2011

NaPiBoWriWee Day Three

Day three went off without a hitch. I wrote a very promising first draft. It is rough, but I will work on this one after I work on the story about my Christopher. It has to do with a little boy named Humphrey. That name just came to me and I'm sticking with it. :-)

If you've ever been a child you can write a children's book. And I KNOW most of you reading this have been through childhood. ;-)

I believe that we all still have the little child living inside of us. So I call on that kid when I am writing a picture book. (Hubby says I sometimes act like a child. This is not the same meaning as calling on my inner child when I write.) Humph to hubby! *wink*

For writers to write they must also read. I read anything and everything. Right now I am reading a devotional called, He said She said. Yep, I read 'big people' books too.

A picture book I am about to start is Big Rabbit's Bad Mood. It is a a wonderful story about being in a BAD mood. Children everywhere can relate. (My inner child can connect.) It was written by Ramona Badescu. So let's go and create. :-)


  1. I do think that writers are very creative people.
    I must go and create now.
    Happy writing!

  2. Humphrey is a cute name :) I hear your voice in my head now, Robyn: "Create Kel, Create!"

  3. LOL Robyn! I don't know if I have an inner child...seriously. However, I'll try to take your word for it. :-) Enjoy the writing!

  4. Yay for day three! Have you read any Sally Lloyd Jones? I think you would really enjoy her books. And thanks for the very kind comment. I, too, can get annoyed at New Yorkers. Sometimes it seems like they are callous about September 11, about, well, everything. But the longer I live here the more I realize that people are just people. New York happens to have a greater contingent of people that are rough around the edges. Comes with the territory :)

  5. Kudos to you for your progress on this challenge! I look forward to reading all about Humphrey some day!

  6. All the best for progressing so far! Be creative!

  7. One piece of advice I've heard when writing PBs is to go to the library and put a large stack of PBs on your table and start reading. Then, really think about the story and characters. Sounds like a fun afternoon.
    I like the name Humphrey, and just the other day, I was at Applebees, sitting underneath a post of Casablance, and thought, "You don't run into too many Humphrey's." Which is funny because he was such a superstar, and people like naming their kids after superstars.
    Write on! You're a superstar PB writer.


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