Friday, February 24, 2012

Perfect Picture Book Friday :-)

Edwina, The Dinosaur Who Didn't Know She Was Extinct 

Written and illustrated by Mo Willems

Hyperion Book CH; 1 edition (August 1, 2006)      

Suitable For:     

Ages 4 and up





Everyone in town knew Edwina.

She was the dinosaur who played with the neighborhood kids.

She was the dinosaur who did favors for anyone who asked.

Edwina helped little old ladies cross the street.

And she baked chocolate-chip cookies for everyone. 

Everybody loved Edwina...

except Reginald Von Hoobie -


Reginald knew just about everything about just about everything.

He liked to give reports in class about everything he knew.


Synopsis (from Booklist)

 Willems takes a break from his Pigeon chronicles to write about a dinosaur named Edwina. Everyone loves Edwina, except class know-it-all Reginald Von Hoobie-Doobie, who tries to convince everyone that dinosaurs are extinct. No one listens, except Edwina, who is shocked. Eventually Edwina decides that she doesn't care, "and by then . . . neither [does] Reginald." In true if-you-can't-beat-'em, join-'em fashion, the final scene shows Edwina baking cookies for a much happier Reginald. Pacing is varied to highlight the more dramatic scenes, with much of the drama provided by Reginald in a way resembling Pigeon trying to get his way. Set against plain, light-blue backdrops, the pictures, in Willem's familiar cartoon style, show Reginald up to his dastardly deeds as well as characters in the classroom, on the playground, and in the park. Children will have fun searching the art for hidden pictures of Pigeon and Knuffle Bunny. Consider this an enjoyable visit to a happy community that has no room for curmudgeons.


Why I loved it:

Edwina is AWESOME! And why wouldn't folks love her? Her cookies are the yummiest! And who among us can say Reginald's full name without bursting out in laughter. It's sweet and easy, the illustrations are adorable and the story reminds us to have faith in ourselves.

Resource linkage:

For a creation based study on dinosaurs go here.

For more picture books head over and visit our pal Susanna Leonard Hill.

She's awesome. Uh-huh!


Happy weekend everyone. :-) xoxo 


P.S. Is the picture of the cover loading completely for you? It isn't for me. Just wondering.


  1. Robyn...what a great choice! Dinosaurs and chocolate chip cookies is a winning combination for any kid. :)
    Maybe chocolate chip cookies will be the PPBF snack of choice. :)

    I love books that help kids see they can walk away with a message and a laugh...the book sounds hilarious. :)

  2. OH this sounds adorable! I just love Mo Willems' books. We seem to have a number of his books on PPBF's list. He is an awesome storyteller and artist. Great choice to add to the list!

    Oooh choc chip cookies...fresh out of the oven...mmmmm

  3. How awesome is that? I have a seriously long list for the library now. Hoobie-doobie dooo!
    Have a super weekend Robyn!

  4. I love this book! Mo Willems is awesome! This is a great choice :)

  5. Fun. I did give an out loud chuckle when I read Ronald's name!

  6. Mo Willems is a favorite in our house. I was just looking at this book yesterday, as I think my five-year-old could read it on his own. He thinks Mo Willems is hilarious.

  7. A dinosaur that bakes sounds great!

    P.S. The book cover isn't loading completely for me either. It stops after the word Edwina.

  8. Love this choice, Robyn! Great book! Thanks so much for adding it to our list! (And no, the cover photo isn't loading completely for me either - just the top.)

  9. Robyn, love your choice. Haven't read Edwina. It sounds like a lot of fun and has such a great message. Great book for our list.

  10. What fun! Thanks for sharing. (and I'm only seeing part of the cover image as well. *shrugs* )

  11. I love Mo Willems, such a crack-up. Great choice for PPBF!

    and no cover for me, either...

  12. I love both Edwina AND Reginald von Hoobie-Doobie in this story. Fun choice.

  13. Hi Robyn .. no Edwena didn't load properly .. but I love the idea of the book ..

    Fun story line .. cheers Hilary

  14. This book really is awesome! My kids have always loved it.

  15. I really love this book. Mo Willems is just great. Thanks for the review.

  16. Sounds like a fun combination for children and adults. Dinosaurs and cookies. (The picture didn't fully load for me either.) Have a super duper weekend!

  17. This book looks wonderful, amigo! I must look for this one to share with my grandson. Thanks so much for the info. You are a peach. Just sayin'.

    Happy weekend!
    Karen :)

  18. Mo Willems thinks up the most hilarous names, I love it.
    (sorry the picture did not load for me) Loved your review.

  19. This book is so fun! Thanks for reminding me of it. I'm glad to have joined the PPBF party!

  20. What a wonderful story, Robyn. Thanks for sharing this, I'm so glad I made it in time for this review. Edwina, The Dinosaur Who Didn't Know She Was Extinct sounds like just the kind of book/story I will share and enjoy with grandbaby, Jace soon.

    I just came by to say hello to you. I hope you have an outstanding week!

  21. No the cover pic didn't load up for me and I had a little one sitting next to me wanting to see it! As I explained to her all I was reading!

    Thanks for sharing!


  22. I haven't read this yet, but Reginald has raised my ire. Edwina sounds adorable. Who wouldn't like her?

    Sounds like a fantastic story!

  23. This sounds great! I love how Edwina is shocked when Reginald tries to convince everyone that dinosaurs are extinct! :)

    And no, the picture didn't load for me, but I got all the text.

  24. Sounds like another fun read. I must spend more time in the PB section at the library!

  25. I just ordered one of Mo's I'm wishing I had waited until after the Friday Picture book posts.... UGH!

  26. Oooh, this one looks real good for Jillian and me too!!


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