Friday, April 13, 2012

Perfect Picture Book Friday :-)

The Case of the Vanishing Golden Frogs
Written by Sandra Markle         
Published by Milbrook Press 2011 Suitable for: 
Ages 9 and up                
Instead of the opening, I chose Sandra Markle's Authors note: (from the back of the book, because it's so good!)
"No tale of finding a serial killer could be more exciting than this true story. . . . But the story isn't over yet. The amphibian killer is still at large. Perhaps, one day, one of you will become the science detective who finally stops this killer."
This is a fascinating mystery of an amphibian, the golden frog, who was quickly disappearing from Panama.
Why I loved it:
This is a mystery that the kids will love reading about. It is absolutely fascinating! She shows the importance and the absolute fun that science can bring. The photographs are beautiful, striking really.
Resource and linkage:
First of all, this will further the advance of the importance of conserving nature. It does not just give one scientists opinion. One person sparks another and so on. The book includes a table of contents, ”how to help” section,  glossary, age-appropriate recommended resources, index, and photo credits. From the NSTA website: The Case of the Vanishing Golden Frogs is an excellent portrayal of questioning, observing, hypothesizing, testing, collecting data, analyzing, and asking more questions. It embodies scientific inquiry and brings golden frogs to life for readers. The researchers’ quest to save these frogs continues.  Few remain in the forests of Panama; most exist only in aquariums. Readers may become involved in the efforts to save frogs worldwide by following the tips for helping local frogs as well as investigating the global rescue efforts. 
For more awesome picture books head over to Susanna Leonard Hill's place.  


  1. Wow, sounds like a great book Robyn!

  2. I'm glad you could fit this post in amongst your A-Z commitments.
    I do look forward to your Picture Book Friday posts and as always this one sounds like a worthy selection.

    Have a nice weekend.

  3. This sounds absolutely fascinating, beautiful and educational all in one, Robyn!

  4. Wow. What a fascinating way to get a point across. It sounds intriguing and educational and just plain GOOD!

    Thank you, Robyn!

  5. Wow, I don't think I've seen a golden frog before. Sounds great.

  6. This is the second true story today. Erik has one, too. You could hold a contest. This one sounds great. We need books to turn our kids into scientists. Books like this might just do the trick. :)

  7. I keep loosing comments here. I'll try again. google account wants a mobile phone and I don't have one and wouldn't give it out if I did. I said that we need kids who are turned on by science and a book like this might just do the trick. :)

  8. Adding this to my library list! It's just in time for Earth Day, too!

  9. Looks like a great book. Above our age level right now, but we'll keep it in mind.

  10. Fascinating! Great tool for teaching kids. I haven't seen a golden frog before! Thanks for sharing Robyn.

  11. What an intriguing book. I know nothing about a golden frog. I bet kids love the mystery -- and to think that is teaching science. WInning combination!

  12. Fantastic recommendation! I did not know about the Golden Frog. Thank you, Robyn!

  13. Hi Robyn, this does sound like something that a lot of kids would enjoy. We had a Whodunit theme in GatheringBooks a year ago, this would have been a perfect book to feature then.

  14. What an awesome book! I'm going to look for it to add to my collection.

    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers

  15. This sounds like a really well thought out project - and the cover is fantastic.

  16. We so need a book like this for my older kids. Mystery and science together- super cool. Excellent choice!
    A2ZMommy and What’s In Between

  17. We love well-written science books. I haven't heard of this one yet, but I'm adding it to our list.

  18. This sounds very interesting. I absolutely love frogs and think they are the cutest....warts :-) and all. Thanks for adding this to the list.


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