Friday, March 27, 2009

Do you keep a notebook? I have at least TEN; capitalized so you could really understand that there are ten notebooks surrounding my desk and most of them are empty. They are empty because when I'm writing, I'm typing, not actually writing. My handwriting is an illegible mess that only I can read. Well, Beth has probably learned to decipher it.

I bought them because they called out to me in the store. Something about them said, "Buy me and I'll help you write the greatest novel ever written." I love having them but I don't like writing everything out by hand. Hmm, I hope that doesn't mean I'm getting lazy. I have been pondering my problem and have decided to use the notebooks to jot quick ideas in or unusual names, things like that. Do you actually use notebooks? I'd love to hear what you put in yours. Happy writing. :)


  1. I keep a notebook by my bed for those times that an idea comes to me just as I find that comfy spot under the comforter. That way I can just write it out and type it up in the morning. I also keep a small notebook in my purse/diaper bag for those random thoughts that come up when I'm away from home.

    Entire chapters have been handwritten in my bedside notebook because I was too stubborn to get up and walk to the laptop in the other room, lol.

  2. I use notebooks, but rarely. Usually when I can't get to a computer for whatever reason. For me they're hard to work with because I can't find stuff in them afterwards. There's no word search! And, I also have multiple notebooks, which makes it difficult.


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