Thursday, March 26, 2009

How do you think that dialogue is best written? Do you edit each sentence of dialogue after you've written it, or do you become the character and immerse yourself in the world of your character,, and then write the dialogue worrying about edits much later. I am thinking on this because I know writers who do it both ways. And both seem to work for each.

I'm becoming my character as I write trying to show her personality in the text. If I worry too much about editing as I go, then I feel as if I loose some part of the person that she is, because I'm worrying about tidying up the work instead of getting who she is across to the reader.

Do you talk aloud as your character when you're writing the dialogue? Actually sitting in the chair and speaking the words that you're typing? What fun! Of course, I think the people around you might stare, but who cares?

There's a wonderful post on all of this over at written by C.E. Murphy. Thanks for reading and happy dialogue writing.

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