Monday, March 30, 2009

I'm trying to get my WIP FINISHED! and it is not easy! Closing up plot holes, writing beautiful sentences. "It don't come easy," as Ringo Starr once sang about. And trying to find a title that will appeal. The title has always been, Seventy Two Hours. It's a MG novel about two thirteen year old girls who go on an endurance ride in the Blue Ridge Mountains. They end up lost and on their own for three days. The MC also has the added problem of type one diabetes and her insulin pump is empty. I've been searching to see if there is any title that would sound better to the agent/publishers ears.

I've come up with this one, Shadows and Hemlock. Hemlock meaning the evergreen tree not the poison. So what do you think? Beth, I know you like the original but you haven't heard the new one yet. And if anyone has anything to offer up, I'm ready to listen. I want everything to be READY with this MS. And I'm well aware that the title will probably be changed, but I still want something that will have a pleasant sound to it. Any help would be so appreciated!! Thanks :)


  1. be honest, my first thought was the poison, not the tree. Having a book with a character similar to another one (Belle, vs. Twilight's Bella) makes me immediately wary of other associations in a book!

  2. What about "Running on Empty" if the diabetes is a big part of the MCs struggles?

  3. Seventy-Two Hours works, but I'll throw out three alternatives. Now to think of them...

    1. The Ride
    2. The Limits of Endurance
    3. Three Dark Days

    1 and 2 are simple enough. For 3 I looked up problems associated with Type 1 Diabetes and found "blurred vision" on Wikipedia.

    Phew! Harder than thought.

  4. hi Robyn - thanks for sharing about your son. I feel yah. I also feel yah on the WIPs. I just finished some revisions on my book and am anxious to get back to my WIP :)


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