Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I was in one of those negative moods yesterday. I thought that having a--POOR ME party, commonly known as a pity party would be the tonic I needed. WRONG! That just made me even more negative. It has to do with my current WIP and a rock or a stick.

My two girls age 13 are lost in the Blue Ridge Mountains and have walked right up onto a snake. A rattle snake. My dilemma? Claire can't move because she is standing too close to the said offender. So Anna, the MC must act fast! She sees a rock about as big as a soccer ball and kneels down on a quest to grab the rock. Stretching out her arm (and here is where said dilemma comes in) she pulls the rock to her and then grabs it up throwing the rock on the snake and saving Claire from a certain death. As she throws it, I now having Claire jumping back. There are some that think the rock is too big and this feat cannot be accomplished. So I should use a stick. What say you? I need help. Now remember Anna is an accomplished young lady in the area of horses. So she is no weakling.

Well back to it and I'll be checking in to look for any comments on this. PLEASE :( :( turn my frown upside down.

Happy St. Paddy's Day one and all. I'm definitely Irish--O'Ross O'Donnell and this is a day of corned beef and cabbage and Irish soda bread. MMMMM--yum!


  1. Hmmm...my first thought was that the rock was too heavy. But, one option is that you could describe her having a hard time with it and that might make ir more convincing. Or, can the rock be a little smaller?

  2. You know what I think :) I still think the best solution is to have her use a stick to throw the snake away. Hmm...I will try to find a pic or something to express what I mean by that...

  3. Davin, yeah, she could struggle and then finally get it. Thanks :)

  4. Yeah, Beth, you're the reason for this not aren't ya?? But, you may have a valid point so that's why I put it on the blog! Whatcha think of Davin's idea?

  5. I think the stick is more likely. Lifting a heavy object at arm's length is difficult because it puts a lot of stress on the elbow joint. I used to exercise much more often and holding weight out in front me without bending my elbow was challenging.

    I reread your post, and it seems you are saying she stretches out to pull it to her rather than she stretches out and picks it up. Regardless, I'm not sure she could do it quickly enough to help. Then again, you know your character better than I do.

  6. Thanks Justus and I guess I'll try an experiment. :)


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