Friday, April 22, 2011

S is for...


This is what writers do to their mailboxes after receiving an ugggglllly form rejection. :-)

Sad. How writers feel after reading a form rejection and before sabotaging their mailboxes.

Schedule. Writers sometimes schedule time with their computers. *writes reminder to schedule time*


The art of self-editing haz to be learned. Uh-huh. And a writer MUST turn off the inner editor while writing the first draft.

Self-editing makes writing better. More exciting. Eliminating all unnecessary words. And I always find a lot of those. Have I mentioned my love affair with the word was?  *frowns*


This is what writers who are in the KNOW do to their query/cover letters.  Recipe: dump a huge amount of sparkly glue into the envelope. And won't that editor be surprised when she opens the envelope and out falls the sparkly glue all over her new outfit. She won't soon forget you, I'll tell you that much. My pal and your pal, Sharon M. had an added touch. She recommends a nice red lipstick kiss. She says, "that way they know you are a serious writer." I see Sharon knows where I'm coming from. *giddy*


  1. Yes. These are all true.

  2. I thought I'd send in chocolate with my query.

  3. >>And a writer MUST turn off the inner editor while writing the first draft.<<
    VERY important, and one of my biggest challenges.
    I'd like to add that S is also for Sunshine, something that's been in short supply around here this spring. Yet I need it to keep going.
    Thanks for stopping by to follow our TeachingAuthors blog, Robyn.

  4. hi mis robyn! mostly i like the sparkly glue idea. for me im not doing that lipstick kiss no matter what. ick! if that sparkly stuff doesnt work for me im gonna threaten them with my older brother that plays football and restles. ha ha.
    have a real fun weekend! happy easter!
    ...hugs from lenny

  5. The kiss is a terrific idea! That little personal touch. And I so need to schedule time :)

    Happy Easter Robyn!!

  6. All true, Robyn. But if I am emailing the manuscript, how do I send the kiss? Is a cyber one allowed?

    Regarding your previous post, R is for Robyn and Rachna and readers who we will badly need when we complete our books.

    Happy Easter. Have a great weekend.

  7. Love the sparkly glue on the outfit....

    I don't think a red lipstick kiss from me would work in my favor. LOL.

  8. Loved the first two, they made me laugh!


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