Tuesday, April 19, 2011

P is for...


Sorry, but that word is so funny. I just had to use it. And yes! It fits into my writing theme. Some writers muck poo out of their horses stalls. *wonders how these horses could go so much* Some writers (namely me) write poo on their first drafts.

Pack away. What writers do with manuscripts after they revise. Then they pull (another P word, did ya notice that?) the MS back out and revise fifty more times. Sometimes the MS stays packed away, because the writer is annoyed that he/she wrote such crud. *sigh*

Paper. Writers print their magnum opus out, and send it off into the world. Yes, some agents require this.

Paper clips. Uh yeah, writers use these by the ton.

Paragraph. If you write books, you gots to understand what this means.

Parade. Writers love these, because they dream that they are being honored in the parade. WHAT? Oh, I'm the only one who dreams that??? *blushes*


  1. Thanks for the laugh this morning, Robyn.

    Love the Poo and parade.

  2. Well, that was too funny! You should have a warning label, that reading this on first cup of coffee can cause coffee to spew out one's nose.

    I write more, but I hear a parade...

    Gregg Metcalf
    Colossians 1:28-29

    Gospel-driven Disciples

  3. Poo on those paragraphs! Who needs 'em!

  4. More awesome P words. I forgot all the paper supplies when I listed mine. Post-its. Must acknowledge them today.

  5. So immature!

    Don't forget, if there are horses in a parade, there's also poo.

  6. Praise wanted here for this precious post.

  7. My puppy (Pearl) and I will wave our pom poms as you pass by in your parade!!

  8. A perfect post for the letter "P"!


  9. Hahaha! I love your list of words.

  10. Well I have to admit...I did laugh when I read poo! I laughed out loud , and I am still laughing. Poo!

    Keep an eye out for me the next time you are being honoured at the parade.

  11. Well, you know how I feel about poo. And Robyn, when your book is published I'm totally going to find a way to have a parade for you.

  12. Enjoyed this, Robyn and now find myself addicted to reading the others while I should be writing in preparation for my parade...

  13. Hehehe. But I must be a bit odd because I don't use paperclips. Off to re-evaluate my status as a writer now...

    Ellie Garratt

  14. Love the parade and the poo....thanks for making me smile!

  15. Ellie - thought the same thing... maybe we are just unique writer's :)


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