Friday, April 29, 2011

Y stands for...

yacht. All writerly folks want to have a yacht to relax in. *you feel it, don'tcha*

YAP. All writerly peeps yap a lot and listen in on others that yap. (Cuz that's a great way to learn dialogue.)

Year. Sometimes it takes a year for writers to write their lovely stories, sometimes longer.

Yearn. All writers yearn for the title, AUTHOR.  *sob*

Yell. Writers have a thing called protagonists and antagonists that sometimes yell, shriek, shout, and howl. *I haz a thesaurus, uh-huh*

Yes. All writers yearn to hear YES! The agent loves ya, baby. *grin*

Young adult. Some writerly peeps write for this audience.

Younger. I write for this crowd. The younger than YA bunch. I do have a YA in my head. It swirls in there until I'm ready to write it. *that's how I'z outline*

Yucky. Form rejections taste like this.

Join me tomorrow for Z. I'z took the challenge and will leave you with a quote or two.

" Don't bother just to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors. Try to better than yourself." -William Faulkner

"Reading... a vacation for the mind...." -Dave Barry
oothejust to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors. Try to be better than yourself. -Williaer


  1. Yup, I've been Yearning for over 2 Years!

  2. My post was on YA books. As a YA writer I wondered why did you specifcally choose that group to write for?

    Moody Writing

  3. He He. Yep I'm definitely with the yacht. Why not? We writers work hard enough! :o)

  4. YES! Reading is a vacation. I do believe all your posts have made me smile and/or laugh out loud.

  5. Yes, ma'am! You are in full control of the "Y". :-)

  6. Yes, you cracked it Robyn. Why are there so many ways to look at Y?

  7. You made me want to dance to the Village People's YMCA only I wasn't feeling gay enough to do that.

  8. Took me longer than a year to write a story, that's for sure. LOL.

    Love the Barry quote!

  9. Great words for Y Day. I like the younger set, too.

  10. I am having so much fun reading your posts! Yacht...writing...reading...YES!!

  11. Fun words for Y! I think that I Yap too much some days :)

  12. You know what else is Yucky? Mondays. TGIF! Now only if we had a yacht so sail on.


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