Wednesday, April 27, 2011

W is for Where...

oh where, does all my time go?  Where does all your time go?

Wade. Writers wade in water while thinking about their lovely stories.

Waddle. Quacker my hero from one of my picture books waddles. Some of you wanted to see him, so here he is.              

 Waffles. Writers eat this yummy, tantalizing, syrupy, goodness before starting their early morning work.

Wages. What this writer hopes to earn from her books soon. Her sparkly words should do the trick and an agent she is sure to get. *bows*

Wag. Some writers have dogs that wag their tails lots and lots while they're working on their precious books.

Wagon train. Writers insert these into their books if they write western. Ye haw!!!!

Wahoo! Writers scream this when they snag an agent or a book deal. You will be able to hear my scream in South Africa. *practices scream*
Warm. Writers write about warm summer days, with a gentle breeze blowing, the birds are singing and they're by the pool with a tall glass of lemonade.

Warm-hearted. My blogging pals. *wink*

Wash. Writers must still wash clothes and dishes even though they are published writers. *boo-hoo*


  1. As in - Where art thou, literary agent? Come back to me with an offer on my full ms?

    Yep, I hear what you're saying here :o)

  2. I wade through my thoughts while doing housework and hope to get some time to write them down at the end of the day.

  3. Fun post! Enjoyed this...Now back to wading :-)

  4. Mmm...waffles...

    Awesome post--it made me smile. And then remember that I have to do dishes when I get home. >.<

  5. Waffles, how did you know I LOVE waffles? And where does all my time go? Into the ethernet.

  6. Great list. I LOVE waffles!

  7. Washing dishes and putting away things today. I'll just have to think about writing while doing my chores.

  8. Waddle is adorable!

    When my cat wags her tail, it means she's not happy. If her tail gets bushy, even worse.

    Speaking of wash, I've done two loads over the last two days, and a third one today. I have much folding to do!

  9. I've never noticed how many awesome "W" words there are. So fun to see them all together like this (yes--I'm a word nerd)

  10. Waddles is so cute.
    Wages, will certainly produce a loud WOW!(just had to say that)
    I do love this whole list of W.

  11. Lovely Ws Robyn. Waddle is also what a writer might do after too long on the net lol.

    You're in my Friday shout out this week btw.

  12. All that screaming, and tails wagging, and bowing made me smile.

  13. Waddle, waddle, waddle, very cute :) Love your "W's" Ms. Robyn!

  14. I do lots of laundry and dishes too! :(

    Love Quacker!

  15. Warm wishes whooshing your way! Wicked cute. ;)

  16. Some writers have CATS that wag their tails - in annoyance :D

  17. aw Quacker is beautiful :)

  18. I am delighted to say seeing Quaker was worth the wait.

    Writers also waffle a bit too at times, don't you think???

  19. Quacker waddles. *honk*
    I've been eating the best waffles made of whole grain and oats with blueberries and pecans. Topped with pure maple syrup. I refuse to believe there are any calories.


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